Meeting: Daddy & I – Part One

God!!! I love Autumn so much make the place look so beautiful and Mother Nature puts on a fantastic show.

I only left Daddy’s last Tuesday, but the original plan was for me to be back on Wednesday, but an issue with one of Daddy’s children meant I was unable to return until today; Monday.

Which was lucky as a friend required my help over the weekend.  NY; not his real name and his handle but my nickname for him, is relocating to one of the local university’s close to my home. He was unclear of how he would learn to navigate around, and find accommodation so I offered to be his tour guide for the day.

NY soon found out that yes, I can get him to roughly A to B but my sense of direction to get there is nil and void hehe.  My basic tactic for finding my way around any where is have a rough idea of where I am heading; yes even with a map, and then stop and ask people to make sure I am heading in the correct direction.

We looked as some lovely flats, some downright horrible ones and some okay ones but nothing that met NY particular taste.  We walked for miles; my body was complaining so much the next day hehe.

After looking around all the flats, I made sure I got NY back to where his host could pick him up from, then I made the long journey back to my home.


Slightly different that the other times I have went to Daddy’s  I decided to go over using the bus service.  There is was a number of reasons for this but the major one was because of the weather conditions that we are currently experiencing here in UK.  In two days most of the UK was hit with a month worth of rain.  Both were Daddy and I live can experience flooding, Daddy location because there is a major river that run through the city he lives, my location because my town is built on the bottom of a river valley.

So I set off for epic journey, which requires me to take five, yes I did say five buses from my house to Daddy’s.  Okay, the train is quicker by about 2 hours, but the joy of taking all of those buses was I turned up at Daddy’s nice and dry.  Nearly read a whole book and was happily singing along badly to music on the iPod hehe, sorry to all my fellow passengers for killing your ears.

After the fourth bus, I meet up with Daddy at the train station.  We slowly worked our way back to his house, chatting, catching up and basically enjoying each others company.

We got back to his house and our good mood lasted all of 3-5 minutes as M decide to a vindictive and texted Daddy’s ex, she called ranting and raving over me being at the house.  I am standing in the kitchen totally confused to WTF is going on.  Over the next 5-10 minutes, I got more of the story, by that point the urge to knock him flat was so great.  I have and didn’t act on those urges.

This put a serious downer on our good mood, I have not idea what M has against me, what I have done to him.  I am seriously baffled by this young man.

After being at Daddy’s for a couple hours C & M had to leave the house for a reason; why I will not reveal here as it could risk identify them.

So that left Daddy and I on our own, which we both take advantage off ;-).

The rest of the day, was a lot more relaxed, playful and filled with much laughing and talking.

I had to have an early night though, as I didn’t sleep at all Sunday and I was so knackered that I could think straight any longer.


Being a weekday, and the kids at school, I woke up at 6am to phone the ex-hubby to make sure he was up along with the kids.

By the time I had a cup of coffee, check email, overnight blog postings, it was soon time to wake up Daddy.  Although I do feel really guilty as he looks so cute, snuggled under the duvet.  LOL, yip I am in trouble for saying Daddy looks cute.  Waking him up nicely 😉 is always the best part of my day hehe.

With weather outside being still as wet and also bleeding cold, Daddy and I decided that we would stay home all day.

I can’t believe how comfortable it is to spend the day with someone who not only wants me there, allows me to do things like update the blog, etc but wants be near me, touch me but will actually talk to me.  I feel so lucky finding Daddy.

Okay there is one programme that I can’t listen too never mind watch, but Daddy loves watching it so this is time when I write and queue up the next day’s post for this blog while listening to my tunes on iPod.

We still had the house to ourselves and believe me Daddy took full advantage of it ;-), I must admit is fun not having any restriction on what I can and can’t do.  Daddy likes it when I am vocal hehe and I am sorry when someone is smacking you it is kind of hard to stay silent, no Daddy doesn’t gag me either which I am thankful as I am never worn one but they do scare me a little.  Yeah I am scared of ball gags hehe of all the things to afraid off it has to be that.

Daddy and I stayed downstairs until after midnight before this little girl got tired and need to call night night.


My day started at 6am again, made sure the kids were up, then decided that I would go back to sleep for an hour; or so I thought, at 6.30am I recieved a text from a photographer who had booked me for that evening.  Informing me he has to cancel due to fact his village/town is cut off because of flooding.

I got up and continued to text the photographer while making a coffee, make sure he was okay and arranging another day that we could do the shoot.

I drank my coffee and then went to wake Daddy, in the bestest way ;-), love mornings like that sooooooo much.  I know Daddy likes to be woken up that way as well.

As like yesterday I sat writing up the post for tomorrow blog while Daddy watched his morning television programme.  Just as it was about to end my mobile went off D’s school on the phone.

Now his school never calls unless there is an issue, D had absconded from school, there was two members of staff were shadowing him.  They are there to one to make sure that he doesn’t do anything silly and he is safe and they are also there to talk him into to returning to school.  Which is not always easy thing to do with D, he has no sense of fear or danger.  He is a stubborn boy.

Due to the reasons listed above and a number of due to the reason why he is how he is, school has to phone to see what I would like them to do.  I told them “If he if is putting himself or others at risk, the you call the police right away NO waiting and NO callbacks” and then I added “He is to be returned to school, no matter what he says.”  After about an hour, they finally got him back to school.  Although, about two hours later, he absconded again although this time he was returned to school in under ten minutes.

I spent of that second time on the phone with his support worker trying to sort out what the issues were, see if a member of staff he likes was available to speak to him to double check what the issues were; making sure that we (school and I) hadn’t overlooked any, and also what his punishment would be.

I did all off this from Daddy’s and bless him, he said “If you need to go home, I understand.”  I had to sit down and explain to him although I was on the phone a lot with different member of the school staff, I actually couldn’t do any more at home than I was doing here.  It is not that I don’t love my son, or the other two children as that is not true I would walk through fire for them, fight anyone and everyone to protect them and I love with all my heart, but I know that issues with D could be sorted by school and in fact be okay by the time school finished.

D’s school is a specialised private school who are set up and run to deal with boys with similar issues as D, they only have maximum of 42 boys and any one time and the staff ration to boys is 1:2.  So I know he is in good hands, I also know that E despite all of our issues is more than able to hand D, he just chooses to stand back and let me deal with it when I am there.

The rest of the afternoon was relatively quiet thankfully as Daddy was not feeling or looking that well, poor Daddy looks like he caught this cold/flu virus going around. Even though he was feeling meh, he still wanted to “play”; as the day before I had requested Daddy to spank me (no restriction on implements used) until I used my safe word, so we went upstairs and I was told to get into position and then Daddy spent roughly an hour spanking my bum.  I didn’t expect it to last that long, nor did I use the safe word either as I didn’t get a chance as we interrupted by telephone calls.  Daddy was so impressed with how much I could take and is not looking at progressing me to crop and cane {wiggle and wriggle}.

Before we get loads of comments below over my asking Daddy to take me to using my safe word.  I did this because for last couple of times I have spent with Daddy, he has held back slightly, this has been for a number of reasons, but main one is he doesn’t want to scare me off, but with me telling Daddy this he knew that not only did I trusted him enough to take me as far I could go and know he wasn’t trying to hurt me or scare me.  It was also in part for Daddy to gain the confidence in his skills not only in spanking, but being able to read the cues from me when I take more or when to back off.

As I am not the only new one to field of spanking as he is too and with help of his mentor he is make me one happy little girl with one red bum to prove it.

Later on after dinner, Daddy and I were just relaxing enjoying each other’s company, when his phone rang it was his ex-wife ranting again as M had called her up complaining about me YET AGAIN.  I have no idea what I have done to have M act this way towards me and Daddy, I wish I did as then maybe I can sort it out.  That telephone call and resulting texts to C & M put an end to our relaxing day together and with Daddy feeling ill, his mood was not that great.

M returned to the house tonight but he slinked in; ignoring me nothing new there then, and went straight to bed.

In a attempt to calm him down a bit I ran Daddy a nice hot bath, putting plently of bubble in it, then waited until he was nice and chilled out for 10-15 minutes then I went in topped up the bath with hot water, walked out left him for another 10-15 minutes, topped the water up again to keep him warm and then proceed to wash him from head to toe.  For Daddy, this felt so strange to him he seen it as a role reversal as he says “I am meant to take care of you, not the other way about.”  As I reminded him, this is relationship and although he is my Daddy he is my boyfriend and the man I care about and for a great deal first.  If he is sick and stressed then I am going to do my best to make him all better.

After his initial shock, he relaxed enough to enjoy me giving him a wash, even washing his hair, then helping him out of the bath and drying him off.  Bless him he kept thanking me, I don’t do anything for thanks but because I care.  I left him to have a shave and after some snuggle time on the sofa, we headed to bed in the hope that tomorrow is not as stressful.

To be continue in part two as this is becoming rather long at the moment….

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