30 Days Of Submission: Day Twenty One

I so want a blanket fort one day, please Daddy……… I think it would so much fun.

Is there a physical position that makes you feel most submissive?

Yes and no!!! Oh joy a good way to start this post hehe.

Yes, there is position(s) that make me more submissive, shown below is what ex_Sir would like and Daddy,:

It is one position ex-Sir like me to be in.

All the photos above show the  positions that ex-Sir would like me to be in.

All the pictures above show the positions that Daddy would like me to be in.

Do I have to be in those different positions to feel more submissive, then the answer to that is no.  I am and like to be submissive out with any set positions which have layout either in rules, or because it off my Dominants personal preferences.  It is the type of person and submissive I am.

This doesn’t mean that it is the same for everyone, as I know there is a large number who feel they need to get into the submissive head space by assuming a certain position.

I personally believe if I were to assume a position then it would be similar to performing Yoga or a form of meditation.  Which there is nothing wrong with either of them, I personally love Yoga and meditation.  But I don’t require it be any more or less submissive.

Again, I would like to note that this is my opinion above and it is no way me sitting in judgement of anyone else, their submission or their Dominants rules.  I have not written this to offend and if I have then I am sorry.

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