Reblog: Daddy Dom: Nurturing A Little Girl

I found this endearing statement from DaddyDom over the relationship with his little and how he describes it I believe to be the sweetest words I have have read in a long regarding DD/lg relationship.  Made this little girl go all chocolate goo inside, it even made Daddy go all goo too.


Daddy Dom: Nurturing A Little Girl
by Daddy Vinnie

Nothing fulfills a Daddy Dom more than being able to guide his little girl through this life. She is vulnerable to the world, untutored, innocent, with a childlike wonder that is both amazing and refreshing. Yet, she is also an easy mark for the cruelties of the world, those who would take advantage or those who do not understand this type of Little girl. Even though there is great pleasure to be had in playing with one’s Little girl – sexually or chastely, depending on one’s kink – the payoff for a Daddy Dom is in nurturing a Little girl’s potential, drawing out her specific talents and watching her flourish, not with the goal of becoming a woman, but becoming a more complete Little.

The DD/lg dynamic is a kinky one, and as such is part of the D/s lifestyle.There is substantial role play involved, but for a true Little, this is not a role. It’s a part of the woman herself, her vulnerable child-like self, raw and sensitive and curious.  This child self is what a Daddy Dom must nurture.  Unlike raising biological children, this woman is already grown, or mostly so. She is of age (18+), she is probably established in career or raising a family. She may even have children or her own.

“Grow up!” is what we say to kids who are acting immature, below their actual age. With a Little, a Daddy Dom is more inclined to say, “Be Yourself!” The goal isn’t to grow up and enter the adult world. The goal is to fully embrace that Little side, to be able to express the sublime vulnerability of soul so that it becomes a physical manifestation of self.

  • A Little should have the opportunity to be safe being a Little.
  • A Little should have the opportunity to explore her curiosities, without adult rules being imposed on her.
  • A Little should be able to accept her Little self, without judgement.

A Daddy Dom will create the environment, as well as the nurturing support system for his Little girl to thrive. He must accept her as she is. He must wrap her in his arms and encourage her, especially when she faces doubts. He must gently chide her when she’s being obstinant and stubborn, like the child who refuses to try anything new, shyly hiding behind her hair or scowling at the suggestion of something new. The Daddy Dom walks a tight rope between holding the Little’s hand and pulling her into new experiences, and letting his Little choose to try on her own. The Daddy Dom must encourage, without forcing.  He must enable his Little girl without doing for her.

The only way I know to create those ways for a Little to truly embrace her Little side is to offer unconditional love.

Remember, a Little girl is an awful handful. She is stubborn and petulant and impatient and needy. She is flighty and often seems like she has ADD. But a Little girl also looks up to her Daddy with reverence, almost with hero-worship.  A Daddy Dom must never abuse that trust, that innocent glance his way that says, “Daddy, please?” when she wants to do something. With an even hand, he must say, Yea or Nay.  He must follow his wisdom and do what’s best for the situation – not what he wants, and not what she wants. He must make a decision based on what’s BEST for her – not for himself, but for her.

Daddy truly does know best. His experience, his way of seeing the world will help keep his Little girl safe.  The first time he says “no” to her and means it will actually excite her. She will know that he has boundaries set for her that will keep her safe. She will not act to imperil herself.  He will help her through.

With my Lolita, I am not permissive, but I’m also not a nay-sayer. I take an active part in creating situations where she can fly, spread her wings and experience something she has not experienced before. We are theater goers. We play with others in controlled situations. We explore BDSM together. We push the taboo boundaries of DD/lg in our version of private intimate playtime. In every situation, I am in charge. I make the decisions and my Little girl – more or less – does as I say. She trusts me to know that I won’t ask her to do anything that may hurt her. She trusts me to know I will accept her boundaries.  She trusts me to know that I have her best interest at heart, always.

She trusts me to know that I worship her AS Little – that my acceptance of her is complete and unalterable.

She is Little. I am Daddy.

With me, my Lolita, my Little girl will always be safe.

I love you, Little girl. You’re the bestest thing in Daddy’s life.

– Daddy Vinnie

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: Daddy Dom: Nurturing A Little Girl

  1. What a tender and perceptive description of what a Daddy Dom feels toward his little. So true and … true !!!….thank you for putting all my Daddy feelings into such beautiful words.

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