30 Days Of Submission: Day Twenty

WOW this is so beautiful picture and I so want the dress

Has your submission increased or decreased over time? Have you ever had to renegotiate your submission due to a change in your feelings or circumstance?

Living within a submission as a fully intergrated part of my life is still very much a new thing.  Even in the short amount of time that I allowed or given myself permission to stop myself being hiding this side of me, my submission has increased not only ten fold heck more like a hundred fold.

I have said many time I am natural submissive towards everyone, no matter who they are.  There is times where real-life means that I have be dominate; whether it is dealing with my kids, their schooling and such like.  I hate being having to be that way.  I don’t feel comfortable one bit.

Those times are when I am reaching for my teddy bear, duvet and suddenly want to be little again.  Also, depending how stressful things are, I have the sudden urge to “run away from home” hehe, but I am too old and responsible to ever do that.

Of course I have renegotiate my submission as I have changed Dominants for one, secondly as my submission evolved, deepens, real-life issues and relationships changes will require any submission to have look at their submission and maybe renegotiate the terms slightly.

Additionally like anything within life people change so I believe that anyone within BDSM lifestyle should regularly review their relationship, rules, and their relationship as whole

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