30 Days of Submission: Day Seventeen

Simply a beautiful picture.

What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

Trust for me in everything, central and over-whelming part of my submission. Whether they are my sexual partner, friend or work colleague.

Below is an quote I found on a submissive website, I would like to credit that website but I can’t remember which one I pulled it from, sorry.

“Trust: A submissive must be able to trust themselves, the choices they make and be able to trust others. An overly weary or closed submissive, will have a more difficult time attaining a good relationship with a dominant. Being able to trust your instincts is necessary for a submissive, specially when looking for a dominant because your instincts will often tell you if something is not right. Listen to them because to ignore them can be dangerous.”

Trust to me is the most important part of any relationship and if that is lost then the relationship is severely affected and could even mean the end of it.  I have also had to learn to trust my judgement & choices since I have left home, becoming a mum and adult has made it even more important that I should have trust in any decision I have made.

Also I have to further trust myself, my decisions and also trust the person I have chosen to submit too; whether it was Daddy or ex-Sir.  I have to trust that I have chosen to submit them, do as they request and trust that they will never asked to do anything that would cause injury to myself.  I have trust them enough that whatever “play” we are doing they will not hurt me, cause me any injury that will require a visit to Accident & Emergency room.

I have chose well so far in both Daddy and ex-Sir, they haven’t broken my trust EVER, if anything they build on it every day, yes even ex-Sir as I consider both men my friend, my mentor’s and they both have a special place in my heart.

If the relationship with Daddy ends then I hope I continue to chose well with any new dominate that I seek.

Last little thing about trust, if you can’t trust own judgement and choices, how can you trust someone else’s.  If you unable to trust you end up lonely and scared person, I don’t want that for anyone.

Yes, every time you trust someone you open yourself into the possibility of being hurt or it misused, but you can’t close yourself off from other’s either, it is not a healthy way to live a life take it from someone who is has the social phobia’s seek the help and therapy you need.

Please people for me, as this comes from getting news of friend who had shut himself away, wouldn’t seek help, wouldn’t talk with others including his friends and family.  He sadly passed, it is believed due to his severe depression, I am hurting right now not for him passing but the fact we couldn’t help him.  I ask politely if you are struggle with anything email, text, call someone please.

Sorry for the downer on a Monday morning, I hope the week is a good one folks!

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