30 Day Of Submission: Day Fifteen

It is one position ex-Sir like me to be in.

Has your submission evolved over time? If so, how has it evolved for you and if not (or if you are just starting out) how might you see or imagine it evolving in the future?

Since I consider myself at the start of this journey, my submission is in part automatic and the rest is what I am began to learn with ex-Sir and now with Daddy.

Ex-Sir taught me the basics like kneeling positions, bondage, discipline, and punishments.  We were very much at the beginning of all it all and didn’t into a  lot of great depth as ex-Sir or I would have liked.  It is was unfortunately when we had to end our relationship due to him relocating to a different country.

Within the relationship with Daddy, we don’t use the kneeling positions, in our relationship yet, I am not sure if it will ever be part of our relationship, but we will wait and see.  We also do a lot of bondage, discipline and punishments as well and that has expanded since my relationship with ex-Sir has ended.  Daddy has also included rope work, clamping with pegs and smacking as well.

With each meeting, I know that Daddy is making sure that we do stuff that doesn’t scare me, goes beyond the level we had reached the meeting before, although that is not always possible depending on what is happening in our lives, what stress we are experiencing at the time.

Therefore, I know my submission will evolve and change over time.  This is will also change as the relationship as our relationship with Daddy evolves, if we decided to live full-time that will change not only the relationship with Daddy, but also to my submission.

If the relationship wasn’t to last, this would also change my submission as every Dominant has their wishes and desires of what they expect from their submissive.

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