Meeting: Daddy & I Our Long Weekend

Gave Daddy a sneek peak on the way to his house

Daddy and I had been apart for a couple of weeks, during those weeks apart Daddy had issues with his phone as well, to add in the additional issues with his ex-wife and house mates.

I was really stressing out and was unclear for a time whether Daddy and I would still be in a relationship during those two weeks.  Also there is somethings which happened on our last day together and since that I needed to have seriously conversation with Daddy about.  I will not go into any further details for the moment.

Daddy and I agreed to meet on Friday, so as usual I got the kids up, ready for school and both out, then I started making my way over to his house.  This time I was a bit than normal, so was going to take an earlier train that was until I came to buying a ticket.  The British rail service has been the butt of many UK comedian for decades, the trains are well known for running late, having weird and wonderful excuses for their lateness; for example, leaves on the line LOL.  The UK rail are also well know for the high fare prices as well.  Normal fare price to go to Daddy’s is £19.50; but I normally get the train after 9.30am, take a train earlier than that the fare increases to £24.50.  No bloody chance as much as I like Daddy I am not paying out an extra £5 to get there an half hour early.

As normal Daddy met me at the station, but instead of taking the bus to his house, we walked back along the river, chatting and discussing the events which had happened since our last meeting, it put both of our fears at rest, yeah there was tears for me as well.  Not the only ones of that day either.  We had a some fun on the way home as well ;-).  The housemates were at home, although they did go out for the evening.

hehe even showering at Daddy’s is a time for pictures.

Daddy and I spent a lot of our time together in his room 😉 getting to know each other once again.  There was spanking on my bottom, boobs and pussy hmmmmmmmmmmm and Daddy got the benefits of all that lovely spanking.

Due to my early start with the kids, I had to call an early night.


Daddy playing with angles and distance

As normal within my life I was up early, I left Daddy sleeping in bed as I knew he hadn’t slept well a number of days before I had arrived.  I worked on this blog, surfed the internet and checked my mail.

I woke Daddy at 10am, so he could talk with his kids and we can start our day.  His housemates were up and about.  Since the tension between Daddy, I  and his housemates boiled over at our last meeting, I am made a conscious decision to stay out their way and in particular not to speak to M unless he spoke to me first.  The housemates informed Daddy that they would going to M’s parents for the night.  So Daddy and I, will have a night alone {cheer}.

Saturday is maintenance day in our relationship, this one happy little sub with a very bum, Daddy found a new toy to spank my bottom. He was pleased the results that this new toy got on my bottom, also he was happy with what happened after we finished ;-).

Caught getting reading while Daddy was busy

It wasn’t just my only spanking that day.

Throughout the day we also did chores and then after dinner Daddy wished to watch Dr Who; which I can’t stand to watch, so he allowed me the freedom to go on the internet and chat with friends while he watched his programme.

Then afterwards our playtime continued until we both feel asleep exhausted ;-).


Daddy liked the view

Again, I was awake early again and yes I did let Daddy sleep in but this time he got up all by himself, he was a little miffed at me because I didn’t walk again.  I told him, I know it is a part of our agreement, but I also know how stressed he had been over the last couple week.  When I saw him sleeping this morning, he wasn’t stress and looked so peaceful.

There was no firm play plans for that day, we basically had a nice relaxing typical Sunday morning.  We spent loads of time chatting freely generally enjoying being in each other company.

Sunday was such a joy for me as even though we weren’t doing anything much sexually, we just spent time together, talking, Daddy watched his sports, we touched each other at random times.

I even went for a shower, Daddy decided to join me with his camera.  Naughty Daddy!!!!

That evening I asked Daddy if I could watch a television programme “George Gently”, he said yes and we had major snuggle time on the sofa throughout the programme.  God! that felt so good.


I woke up early because I wanted to make sure that the kids were up for school, P hasn’t done the new school wake ups

Another shoot from when Daddy followed me into the shower with his camera.

yet.  I wanted to make sure that they were all up.

I woke up Daddy early than I have over the weekend as I knew he wanted to talk with his kids before they started their school day.

There was a slight change of plan today, I needed to go and pick up odds and ends, so Daddy and I wandered slowly around to the local Spar store.  Daddy even had to talk me through how I use the Post Office thing so I could get money from my bank account, I have never used that system, I felt so silly and very little during this time.  Although, it did make the lady who was attending the counter there was laughing so much at way Daddy and I were chatting to each other.

Also today i had to step out from being Daddy’s little girl and put my mum’s hat back on, as I need to speak with my local education authority employees as I have a meeting concerning D on Wednesday and I was still awaiting on paperwork coming through.  Through technical issues and the education department email program, which meant it wouldn’t let the gent send the necessary information I needed.  The joys of modern technology it is meant to speed things up, but for me to receive the documents it was 5 calls to education department and another 3 to a organization this helps me with meetings and such.

One of the sessions today Daddy used a belt on my bum, hmmm it felt so good and I was so pleased with my final stroke count of 50.  As I thought because I was so new to it all I would be using my safe word after 6-10 strokes.  Daddy was so pleased with me also and the lovely results he managed to put on my booty :-).

I am so pleased with my progress that I have made in the spanking area of my submission.


Daddy’s hand protecting my modesty

Again, I phoned home to make sure that P was up and so were the kids, lucky I did as he slept me phoning the house phone three times and his mobile once.  In the end I had to call my daughter on her mobile, and get her to wake him up hehe.

I woke Daddy up again this morning, the way he like me to do most ;-).  As I wanted our last morning to be special as today I head back to my normal life for a time to deal with some family matter and attend this meeting tomorrow concerning  D.

We spent a lot of time together in Daddy’s room making sure that we said goodbye correctly, although we will be seeing each other again on the following Monday.  I personally find harder and harder to leave Daddy’s to come back home.

I left all my clothes and stuff; except my laptop and few other things, at Daddy’s so I wouldn’t have to carry so much back with me.  We walked from Daddy’s house to the train station so I could start the journey home.


I am sorry that this post has taken to long to write and post, the joy of having teenagers, an ex husband and other real-life issues that have meant that I couldn’t dedicate as much time as I would hope to.  I also wanted to make sure I spent time answer the questions for 30 days of submissions correctly.

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