30 Days of Submission: Day Fourteen

As the nights turn colder here in the UK my thoughts turn to hot chocolate and open fires hmmmmmmm heavenly

Does religion have any bearing on your decision to submit? If not, are you familiar with religious based submission and do you view it as similar to other types of submission or dissimilar?

Okay this looks like another short post folks, sorry.

I am do not practice any religion and although I was brought within that type of household, it is never been the reason why I submit or would submit.

I am personally not familiar with any religious based submission, although I have read in some forums that it can be based within Christianity, but I have no knowledge, insight, or know of someone within in this type of relationship to ask for their opinion and viewpoint.

There is a very valid reason; in my way of thinking any way, that I don’t practice any formal religion.  I am originally from Scotland and I grew up during the 1970-80’s where the trouble’s in Northern Ireland were at their height.  Even though Scotland was never hit by any type of bombings but because of the Celtic connection which has always between Ireland an Scotland there was tensions between those who were Catholic’s and Protestant’s it is most evident in which football (soccer) teams which you support.  As within Scotland, different teams are seen by their supporters as being based within a distinct religion; for example, Celtic supports are thought to be Roman Catholic and those who support Ranger’s are thought of being Protestant.

Therefore, as I grew up I would never support a football teams, as I never wanted my religion to based on who I support although never a great football fan, I am more a rugby girl hmmmmmmmm all those men in tight short in scrum {off to my happy place, could be a while}.

As I grew up and entered adulthood and learned more about military history, I learned how many wars were started in the name of religion.  That further made my decision not follow any formal religion even more steadfast.

My children have been brought to embrace and read all many different religions, I have never let my feelings about it religion be knew.  I believe that all children have the right to chose their own path and that includes their choice of religion that they practice.

Even though, I don’t practice any formal religion I do have a set of morals or mantra’s that I live by.  They don’t fit into any traditional religion.

Having said all I have regarding religion, I don’t sit in judgement of those who do practice and I have friends who are practice all major religions, I have attended their churches, respected their traditions and observed their restrictions over which I can and cannot wear and celebrated with them on their important days or dates.

So, please don’t be offended my words that are contained within this post please, if I have offended you in any way I am sorry.

Have a happy Friday, wishing you all have good, sexy and naughty weekend 😉

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Submission: Day Fourteen

  1. I’m a Christian and it had a very small part in my decision to submit (beyond sexually) to my husband, but I know it was a big factor in his decision to ask me to. He feels my submission is the right role for marriage, according to the Bible. I am not entirely sure, but, I know I am happy in this role, and he is too, so, whether it is religious or not doesn’t matter much I suppose.

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