30 Days of Submission: Day Thirteen

Hmmm sounds like heaven…….

Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission? Why or why not? Are there limits to this?

Daddy and I are two thirds long distance and  one third living together for a week at time.  Additionally, Daddy and I have an open relationship.

The one third of the relationship which Daddy and I are together then I am available sexually whenever and where ever he wishes, the only time I am allowed to say “No” or “Not here” is when there is someone else who has not been previously been agreed to part of relationship; for example, Daddy’s housemates.

When we are together are in the “bedroom” then Daddy has the control to have do or he can do whatever he wish; within each of our limits.  When we are alone, then Daddy has additional control has been given over to him and that he chooses what I am and am not allowed to wear around the house.  This is above and beyond the control he already has over that area.  The last time when we were alone and together Daddy had me wear a PVC maids outfit, much to the relish of Post Office employee that came to deliver a package to Daddy’s house.

Within our relationship currently we haven’t included any additional people.  Daddy does wish that we include other within our relationship, but we are both aware that we are not ready for that quite yet.  Daddy says “He is not ready to share me yet” hehe.  He is like a toddler who is unable to his toys yet.

When we are apart for extended periods of time, Daddy can request that we up for a “date” on Skype.  I have discussed how these work in earlier post on this blog.  Daddy is control while we are having our date, I follow any of his instructions.  He normally gives a list of what he would like to have close to hand.  Then during the date Daddy will instruct me on what he would like to do with them, when and how often.

Throughout our relationship my sexual available is seen as me as being and part of submission by both Daddy and I.  I don’t see that changing in our relationship, nor do I want it too. The only limits to our relationship is if there is anyone who is not part of the relationship, our kids apart from those our pre-agreed hard and soft limits also.

If the relationship with Daddy didn’t last then I would be seeking a similar from any new relationship that I was too enter into.

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