Impact Play From a Sub’s Viewpoint

Random Google find this morning

Yesterday Vile discussed impact play and safety in his blog , got me thinking; yes dangerous I know.

I have always wanted someone to do this  me for at least two decades, when I finally found someone who was willing there was another worry that entered my head “What if it is not at all like what I imagine it would be? Or not make me feel the way I should or hope it will?”  I had nearly half my life,  to meet someone who was willing to explore it and for that Daddy will always have a special place in my heart.

The first time Daddy ever spanked me; the first weekend we were together, I must admit to being so nervous when we started.  Daddy started nice and slow with plenty of warm up.  Then got down to serious business of my skelping; Scottish term for spanking, I don’t know how many strokes or impacts that I took that time or since; never have been able to count while getting it done, all I know it is lasted roughly a half hour and only we stopped was because Daddy’s hand couldn’t take it any more; he only admitted that much later though.

Like Erotica Everywhere has posted a series on the spanking of a house guest  ; it is over 8 posts including feedback from his house guest.  As he said after day one “My hand was sore before her bottom, and her bottom was very robust!” He chose to change it up every day using different implements everyday.

Hand spanking within BDSM circles is considered the starting bench-mark, useful in warm up when you switch to different items; for example, paddle, crop, flogger to name but a few.

I am not saying they are right or wrong, but for me, using your hand is what I automatically think off when someone talks about spanking.

As Vile states in his blog yesterday there is safety measures that you need follow when spanking anyone.  I will not repeat what Vile stated yesterday but add one that for me is really important.

The main one for me is coccyx bone and the os scratum bones which are found at the bottom of the spine.  Coccyx bone in particular can be easily broken; due to it being closer to the skin surface, if impact play and safety procedures are not followed.  Therefore it is HIGHLY recommend that the person giving the spanking place their own hand on top of the crease/crevice of the spanked bottom and splay your hand up the spine, making sure the palm of you hand is centred across the spine to protect it in case you accidentally strike as you are then only going to strike your hand and not the vulnerable coccyx area.

It is not only my bottom I like getting spanked but all my boobs; Vile also talks about safety surrounding that also so I will not repeat it, and also my pussy.

The area around anyone’s sexual area contain a number of vital veins and arteries near the top/close the skin surface and therefore any impact play in this area has to be precise, controlled and is normally a light/mild slap compared to what can be achieved on a person’s bottom or breasts.  I would personally recommend you seek a mentor to give you instruction, advice and maybe oversee your first attempt spanking in this area.  Mentors can be found at your local munch or websites like Fetlife.

There is also difference between the male and female submissive in that area and I personally don’t know enough to offer any comment on spanking of a male submissive’s sexual area to know if there additional safety concerns.  Although I suspect there might be after raising two boys and having three brothers.

If there is female Domme who is follow this post please may you add a comment or email me with advice pretty please.

As Vile states “We all enjoy spanking, must who are submissive, or slave enjoy this type of play, that is why I do not use spanking or caning as a form of punishment.” Daddy doesn’t use this as a form of punishment either, but rather a part of “play”, “scene” and/or during “maintenance” on a Saturday.

I love being spanking no matter how or why it happens I find it both physically and mentally enjoyable and well lets say Daddy enjoys the fruits of a good spanking afterwards ;-).

6 thoughts on “Impact Play From a Sub’s Viewpoint

  1. Wonderful writing, thanks for sharing your insight .
    As a novice spanker, you do sometimes feel a bit out in the wilderness.
    I want spank sessions to be equally about is both, so hearing your view from the other perspective is so illuminating.

    Keep it up

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