30 Days of Submission: Day Nine

This is one place on my sexual bucket list. Yip I have a rather long one 😉

Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as a part of your submission? How do you feel about them?

Within my relationship with both ex-Sir and Daddy there was/is rules, structure and limits and yes I do believe that is part of my submission.

Daddy and I rules are laid out on an early post in the blog,  although it does not layout the structure and limits within it we do have them firmly in place for both Daddy and I.

Limits mean to me stuff that can or can’t be done with any relationship between two people.  For example below are my limits:-

Hard limits

  • Children or animals will be included in or during  “play”
  • scat play
  • watersports
  • blood/needle/knifes/gun play
  • Being confined or held in small places
  • no touch or being held in or around my neck – normally called breath play

Soft/personal limits

  • no “play” with anyone under the age of 30

There is a number in my soft/personal limits that I am not willing to write down on here for the moment for various reasons.  The hard limits that have been listed above for me are so hard they are build out of granite and are unlikely to be moving for the near the future.  As always they are evolving and may move in the future.

The rules, structure and limits all help me to feel safe, relaxed and know that my partner I am with at the time has an understanding of me, my expectations and how far they can take me and my submission.

Like all relationships, Daddy’s and mine is at the start and it will evolve, expand, in some cases contract, but whatever happens we are happy with the way things have been going, progressing and we hope that things will continue to do so.

IF Daddy’s and I relationship doesn’t continue then I will be seeking a similar one with rules, structure and limits which will allow me to grow into the submissive I see myself as, although I also know that any new Dominant will have their own rules, structures and limits that they will also include and exclude .

[NOTE] Sorry this post is so short and may be not as in depth as normal, but I am at Daddy’s and his internet is been playing up a lot.  I am doing my best to keep these 30 days of submission going, but answering comments, etc could be an issue.  I will reply to all when I can.  Have a great weekend folk, I know I will [END NOTE]

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