30 Days Of Submission: Day Eight

I so like having a red bum after a good session with Daddy

Is spanking or corporal punishment a part of your submission? Why or why not?

Hell yes, it is a big part of our relationship and I hope it remains so.  As I have said previously on a number of occasions it has taken me a long time to find someone who is willing to include spanking and/or corporal punishment within my relationship.

The reason why it is part of relationship is because I requested Daddy politely if it could be a major part of the relationship, when we first started talking about meeting up, developing a relationship and what either of us expected from such relationship.  The spanking and/or corporal punishment was my main expectations from any new relationship.

The reasons why I discussed in yesterday’s post:-

“There is times where I have maintenance spankings; if we are together then it happens on a Saturday, which make me feel so relaxed; no this is not a typo, I get a chance to remove any stress that I have had built up, honoured that Daddy is willing to spank me, the sound of Daddy’s hand or what ever implement he is using is calming and the sting  that is left behind reaches down into my soul and warms my heart like whatever area is getting maintenance  is becoming.  There is also times where I cry, giggle, smile, cry out and even scream in one session and a lot I can’t do in my real life at one time no matter I want too.”

I am not sure if this is normal or not, but it is me who I am and this is what from the relationship with Daddy, although we have our issues.  I want for this to be part of any future relationship which I am involved in.

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