30 Days Of Submission: Day Seven

hmmm nothing better than over the knee spankings in my opinon.

Do you accept and/or expect discipline or punishments as a part of your submission? How do you feel about it?

Not only to accept and/or expect, but welcome discipline and the punishments within my relationship with Daddy.  It took me a long time a long time to find someone who saw the way I want my submission to be and become.  For someone who will willing to work with me to help me achieve that goal.

Our rules might not seem as detailed as some that I have seen online, one reason for this we are at the beginning of our relationship.  There is lot of our rules, that are “unwritten” or a “given”, we; Daddy and I, feel we don’t have to write down as it because I do it automatically.

For example, how I address Daddy in private and in public, our protocol for including others and how I have address others Dominants and submissives; whether online, over email, text message, meeting in real-life either casual and/or events.  That is name just a few of our unwritten rules.  Additionally within our relationship Daddy hasn’t felt the need for name or write down certain protocols either as all he has to do is say a certain word(s) and I know what he would like me to do.

When I am disciplined or punished for a breaking a rule, protocol, etc.  It first make me upset that I have upset Daddy in some way.  I also feel guilty for failing and end up feeling like a failure.  When Daddy delivers what ever punishment he deems fit it gives me time to complicate why I broke the rule or protocol, what I should do the next time, why Daddy felt there is a rule or protocol was important to follow.

There is times where I have maintenance spankings; if we are together then it happens on a Saturday, which make me feel so relaxed; no this is not a typo, I get a chance to remove any stress that I have had built up, honoured that Daddy is willing to spank me, the sound of Daddy’s hand or what ever implement he is using is calming and the sting  that is left behind reaches down into my soul and warms my heart like whatever area is getting maintenance  is becoming.  There is also times where I cry, giggle, smile, cry out and even scream in one session and a lot I can’t do in my real life at one time no matter I want too.

9 thoughts on “30 Days Of Submission: Day Seven

  1. My problem is that Babyslut is a very good sub normally. Sometimes she has done nothing to earn a punishment. Punishment for no reason is acceptable to her generally, she says it is my right but it seems not to be in the spirit of our relationship to me. I guess you could call this ‘Maintenance spanking’ as it relieves my need to dominate through punishment and she seems to enjoy it. She may have similar reasons as you.

  2. Punishments are something that can happen at any point in me and Master’s daily routine. Usually I don’t break a concrete rule, but a small rule or I do something that pushes him a little. But I love being punished, so occassionally I misbehave just so I can get a spanking.

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