Story: John and Paul Share Carolena

I know John & Paul what to do with the whip later 😉

Below is a story that a friend sent to me, it is posted with their full permission but they doesn’t mean they wish their name to be known to the world.

Carolena stood at the end of the bed, her arms stretched out to the sides and tied to the bedposts. John stood behind her, his naked flesh against hers, his lips nibbling gently on her ear as he tied the silk scarf around her eyes, depriving her of one sense to increase the power of those remaining available to her. As he pushed against her he pushed her naked stomach against the top bar at the end of the bed. The cold metal against her hot skin made her quiver, made her legs shake.

Fuck!!! She loved that helpless feeling, bound and denied her sight. Her naked body (except for a pair of lace panties) on display. She could almost feel John’s eyes on her. She knew how much he loved her body, how he couldn’t take his eyes off her smooth legs, how he gasped each time he saw her arse and how he sighed heavily whenever she exposed her breasts to him! That little bit of power his ache for her body gave her contrasting completely with the complete submission of being tied to the end of the bed, helpless to do anything about her own desires which grew every second!!!

Whenever he had her tied and blindfolded, she was never sure if it was just John’s eyes on her, or if the webcam was on treating a wider audience to the delights of her body and submissive desires. She always fantasised about it being the latter – imagining the men she lusted after wanking their hard cocks at the sight of her nakedness, her desperation, her frustration and finally the intense release John always rewarded her with for being so well-behaved and compliant.

Recently though, there was one cock in particular that she yearned for, that she couldn’t get enough of seeing – that she desperately wanted to fuck. The added attraction of Paul was that he lived so locally – It would be so easy to fuck him. It was the frustration that she knew she never would that added to the appeal. She was just grateful John let her disappear upstairs to play with him online whenever she had that burning desire and craving only a big, perfect cock could fulfil!

As Carolena’s mind raced she was snapped back into reality when she felt the unmistakable feel of her cat-o-nine-tails being dragged slowly over her buttocks. She clenched and held her breath – waiting for the inevitable flick, the whoosh!, and the crack of the leather on her skin. She flinched and screamed as the initial slight sting gave way to pleasure as the burn spread across her tight buttocks and worked its way deep inside to her smouldering ache. Each crack a little harder than the last. Each sting a little stronger. Each burn a little hotter. She wriggled and pulled against her restraints, not so much in an effort to be free, more just to remind herself of the lack of control she had right now.

As John ran the leather across her breasts, his hand teased with the waistband of her panties. As he flicked his wrist to crack the tendrils across her hard aching nipples, he wound the waistband into his fingers, pulling the lace tight against her pussy and arse, rubbing it against her clit pulling it tighter and tighter. Carolena moaned and sighed into the oh-so-pleasurable pain she felt in her pussy and across her whipped breasts. Her legs twitching, desperate for more. She felt her panties pulled to one side and then John’s hot tongue thrust against her pussy, pushing inside, delving, tasting her. Before Carolena could sigh her delight, her breath was taken away in shock. As she felt John exploring her pussy, she felt ANOTHER mouth close around her right nipple, teeth sink, and suck her hard nipple into their mouth!!!

Carolena’s knees buckled as she struggled to take in the moment, struggling to know how to handle the pleasure simultaneously rushing from her pussy and breasts. She screamed and gasped as she struggled to rub her shoulder against the blindfold – desperate to remove it to see whose mouth was locked onto her breast, to see whose hand cupped the other and toyed with her nipple with a skilled thumb! The frustration and desperation consuming her. She strained at her wrist restraints, wanting her hands on her new lover – whoever it may be – right now, the way they expertly teased and pleased her breasts, she didn’t care who it was, but she knew she wanted them!

John stood behind her, his body pressed hard against her. His fingers pushing her panties inside her pussy as he finger-fucked her. His thumb on her clit rubbing hard. Carolena’s new lover pushed his lips on hers, his tongue exploring her mouth, his hands massaging and kneading her breasts. Carolena struggled to respond to the kiss, loving the way it felt but filled with an overwhelming desire to see who she was kissing. She couldn’t believe how she felt. Her heart pumping, her head swimming. Here she was with John pleasing her pussy while she kissed God only knew who! – But hell, she was loving it!

As her mystery lover pulled away from the kiss her tongue licked her lips, yearning for more. Carolena felt John roughly pull her soaked panties off and she sensed him moving away. He removed her blindfold and instructed her to keep her eyes closed. Christ, that was murder for her. Her head bowed down, to remove the desperation she had to look. Finally she was given permission to open her eyes. Hear heart pounding, slowly she opened her eyes and looked up along the bed. A long breathless ‘Oh fuck’ was all she could manage as she looked up to see John and Paul both naked on the bed. John slowly wanking his hard cock while Paul had her wet panties wrapped around his huge, thick cock. Carolena was transfixed. She’d thought his cock looked good on cam, but here, right in front of her eyes with her tiny panties wrapped around it, being wanked slowly, it was beyond her wildest fantasies – and there had been a few of those involving Paul’s cock! She felt a fire burning in her pussy, her clit fizzing like she could almost cum just at the sight before her – one touch would push her over the edge right now.

Carolena was desperate to leap onto the bed and fuck and suck for all she was worth, but the scarves binding her to the bed remained in place. All she could do for now was stand and watch half in agony, half in unadulterated pleasure, and wait. She sighed loudly as she watched John bend forward and unwrap the panties from around Paul’s cock. Her juices glistened on his shaft as John ran his tongue along it, tasting his lover’s juices from another man’s cock. John looked into Carolena’s eyes as his mouth slid over the head of Paul’s cock. She looked back with a look of half lust and half jealousy. She couldn’t believe John had tasted Paul’s cock before she had chance. But she loved the thought of John getting him nice and hard and ready to fuck her! Her pussy dripping, her clit throbbing as she watched him getting Paul’s cock even harder, even bigger!

Paul pulled himself slowly from John’s cock, knelt on the bed and shifted down towards Carolena. She grabbed the metal bar on the bed tightly and leaned forward, mouth open, desperate to taste, to feel his big cock in her mouth. Paul held his cock out, running the head round her lips, then pulling away, slapping her face with it, teasing her, making her beg and plead! As Paul left the bed and stood behind her, John sat back on the bed, teasing Carolena by slowly wanking just out the reach of her mouth. Carolena felt Paul press against her, his arms reaching round her waist and snaking up over her breasts, tweaking and pulling her hard nipples. The excitement she felt increased their sensitivity. Feeling his fingers on them sent a tremble careering through her body.

She pushed her hips back to feel her body against his cock. John’s hand ran gently over her belly and down to her clit. Circling her clit with his fingers, agonisingly close. His other hand reaching between her legs to Paul’s cock, wanking it slowly he positioned it against Carolena’s wet eager pussy lips. Paul pushed himself forward, sliding himself inside her. Carolena’s loud gasp turned into a scream as Paul pushed again, feeding her the full length of his cock, stretching her pussy more than she’d ever felt. With the frustration she’d felt up to now, the relief, the pleasure of feeling the cock she had been so desperate for was all consuming. John’s hand working and rubbing her clit. Paul fucking her harder with each thrust as John guided his cock into Carolena’s mouth as he finally released her from her hand restraints. Her arms wrapping around John, pulling him closer, pulling him deeper into her mouth as she sucked, moaned and screamed onto his cock as the pace of Paul’s fuck increased, filling her pussy, stretching and stimulating her beyond her wildest dreams. The mental side alone enough to push her beyond the point of coping. Being fucked hard from behind as she bent over the bed feeding another cock into her mouth. Something she’d always dreamt of, but the reality was better than any dream she had had.

As Paul fucked her, his hands clutched her arse cheeks, Carolena’s pussy contracting round his cock as her mouth did likewise on John’s cock. As Carolena started to feel her orgasm bubble within, Paul released one clenched hand to deliver a swift sharp spank, immediately followed by another. That was all Carolena needed, her pussy tightening harder round Paul’s cock, feeling every vein, every ridge, the fire burning on her clit under John’s fingers as she screamed loudly onto his cock. Her body shaking, convulsing without control as her fingernails sank into John’s back as she clamped and released repeatedly on Paul’s cock as he literally spanked her orgasm out of her. His tight grip on her nipples being released acting as the final release, as though their freedom allowed a route out of her body for her orgasm after a spell of crashing around looking for an exit. Her orgasm raced from her pounding heart out through her clit, her pussy and nipples. As she came harder than she could ever remember, Paul continued to pound her wet pussy as John held her head still, fucking her mouth through her screams.

Before her body, mind and heart could settle, she felt Paul’s cock twitch violently in her pussy and felt his pace quicken as his body crashed against her even harder, pushing her mouth harder onto John’s cock, pushing it deeper in her mouth, gagging on it as she sucked. As Paul pushed into her with one final moan his twitching cock shot his cum deep inside her while at the same time she felt John’s cock stiffen yet further as his loud moans and the scream of her name signalled the arrival of his orgasm too. The sheer pleasure of feeling the cum in her mouth and pussy caught Carolena by surprise. From nowhere her second orgasm raced through her body as she struggled through her moans to swallow all John could offer while simultaneously clenching Paul’s cock, holding its full length deep inside her well-fucked and soaked pussy. All three of them panting, struggling to recover, the combined impact of their joint orgasms making each seem stronger and more powerful than ever.

Carolena clambered over the bar at the end of the bed and collapsed onto the bed, lying on her back, the taste of cum in her mouth, feeling the heat of her orgasm in every nerve, and the softness of Paul’s cum dribbling from her pussy. Before she had time to adjust back to normality, her mind was set racing again as she watched as John took Paul’s still semi-hard cock into his mouth, sucking and licking Carolena and Paul’s combined juices. Hungrily, Carolena joined John on that perfect cock, their tongues colliding as they wrapped round his shaft, their lips joining in a cock-filled kiss.

Paul pulled his wet, hard cock slowly from between their lips, allowing them to complete their kiss as he repositioned himself behind Carolena. As she felt the lube run down between her arse cheeks, she kissed John harder as her hand reached for his cock. Paul teased her tight arse with his fingers, the warming lube spreading a tingle deep inside her, pushed along its way by his finger sliding slowly into her arse. Carolena repositioned herself on all fours, John moving the opposite way so his cock could replace his tongue in her warm willing mouth, and in turn, allowing his tongue to flick against her clit and explore her cum-soaked pussy.

Paul stood by the bed, his legs either side of Carolena’s. He squatted down teasing her lubed arse with the head of his cock before pushing slowly but firmly inside. He paused, pulled out allowing her arse to close before pushing more firmly back in. Pushing Carolena’s whole body forwards, her mouth further onto John’s hard cock, preventing an escape for the loud moan and scream she needed to release as Paul’s cock filled and spread her arse like never before. Slowly he built up the pace, sliding his cock deeper, pulling right out before pushing hard back in. Sliding out again, slapping her arse cheeks with his cock, letting her arse settle before ramming deep and hard back inside her. Over and over, deep strokes, fucking her arse harder than she thought she could handle. It was out of her control now anyway – no amount of pleading would stop Paul giving Carolena that rough arse fuck she had craved since the first moment she had seen his cock. But right now the fantasy had nothing on the reality!

With the added pleasure of John’s cock in her mouth and his tongue flicking her clit while his fingers fucked her pussy, it was more than Carolena could handle. Never had an orgasm built so quickly and ravaged through her body so hard! Fuck, she couldn’t believe the intensity as she clasped her aching arse round Paul’s cock, her pussy round John’s fingers while her clit had nowhere to run from the onslaught of his flicking tongue! Her two lovers carrying on through her orgasm, not stopping, not letting her recover. As soon as her orgasm had passed another built desperate to take its place – desperate to push the levels of Carolena’s pleasure way beyond where they had been before. Her second orgasm was just as fierce as the first, just as strong and just as all consuming. She screamed the names of both men over and over as she came, to add to the feeling, to remind herself she was being fucked and used by two men for the first time in her life.

Carolena collapsed forward onto the bed, milking her orgasm for the extra few seconds as she felt the entire length of Paul’s cock slide out of her arse. John moved to the end of the bed, and dragged Carolena’s legs roughly up over his shoulders, as he bent forward he ran the tip of his cock round her wet pussy. Carolena watched as Paul stood behind John, reaching round, holding John’s cock against her pussy while lining his own against John’s arse. He bent John forward, pushing his lips against Carolena’s, slowly sliding his cock in John’s arse, as he did so pushing John forward into Carolena’s aching pussy. The way John fucked Carolena being totally controlled by the way Paul fucked him. The harder, the deeper Paul went in his arse, the harder and deeper he pushed John into .

Carolena lay back on the bed watching the man fucking her being fucked in turn. Loving the way John’s cock felt deep inside her. Loving the way Paul’s fuck thrust John’s body against hers. Her nails sinking into his back as if to feel John’s pleasure – knowing not only how he loved to fuck her, but with her own arse still tingling from the fuck Paul had given her, she knew the pleasure John was feeling.

Just the sight of Paul fucking John’s arse as hard as he had fucked her own was enough to make her cum, the added feeling of John inside her made the experience almost unbearably pleasurable. The way his cock twitched and jerked in her pussy, the way he moaned as Paul slid in and out of his arse made her heart pound, pushing her orgasm through her veins. Her loud screams, her shaking body, her contracting pussy and thrashing limbs all fuelling the increasing tingle sweeping through her, her orgasm given extra life as she felt John’s cock twitch, as he moaned her name and came hard deep inside her pussy as his body was rammed against hers. Their joint orgasm more intense than any they had shared.

John collapsed onto the bed next to Carolena, their bodies still shaking as Paul stood on the bed wanking himself over Carolena’s body, shooting his cum on her pussy and breasts as she lay watching, rubbing her clit. The feeling of his cum landing on her, watching him wanking that perfect cock enough to drag one final short sharp orgasm from her, holding John’s hand tightly rubbing her clit as another man covered her in his cum! The perfect end to a night she’d never forget, and yet one she knew she would definitely repeat!

[Author’s Name Withheld]

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