Story: Managing The Manager

Getting taken at the office

I have an new email friend who sent me this story below.  Like my other friend they don’t want their name all over the internet and for those within their real-life to know that they write like this.

I’m stuck in this fucking airport with the biggest bitch of a boss ever.  Getting yet another bollocking for fuck all.  If this carries on like this much longer…. What? I’m suspended? What the hell for?  For clocking off 15 minutes early last night?  Fuck that!

I jumped out of my chair and stood in front of her.  Her air of superiority annoying the shit out of me.  I pushed her back to the wall of her office and shouted that gone too fucking far, she was a twat of the highest order and and needs taking down a peg or two.

“Do you think a little runt like you could do it?”  She smirked.  I saw red and slapped her hard across the face and the look of chock was worth it.

I grabbed her and literally dragged her across to her desk, my strength for such a little taking her by surprise.  I almost threw her into the desk, ripped at her white blouse and poseurs scarf.

“I’ll fucking show you, you trumped up back of shit!”  I tore at the top of her bra, as she suddenly lost all resistance.

“Please, not my skirt, I have not panties on!”  but the WAY she said it was like an invitation, so sure enough her skirt was torn off.

I looked at the big hairy ginger fuzz between her legs and thought “If I’m going to be suspended I may as well be sacked!”

I roughly yanked her legs apart and bent to taster her.  The smell of her sexual excitement was enough to drive me crazy, I licked at her already throbbing clit.  She twisted as if to get away, but her attempts was feeble.

I pushed down my trousers down and pointed my hard cock at her pungent gash.  Not even pausing, I drove my dick home in one thrust.  She yelled in both pain and pleasure as I taught the bossy bitch a lesson she would never forget.

As I fucked her hot pussy I kept slapping her tits and twisting her nipples enough to make her cry out.

She arched her back as she started to cum, but I wasn’t going her the pleasure just yet.  I pulled my dick out as she started to cum.  She was begging me to to put it back in.  So I did In her arse.  I pounded home as she went into orbit. Wailing good and loud, she convulsed and spasmed as she came, as I finally felt her start to subside.

I pull my dick out of her and calmly walked around the desk, pointing my cock at her face, I cam and sprayed her with my hot cum.

Byt the time I had finished she looked like a different person.  Hair and face cover in my cum, make-up smudged and all her clothes were torn.

I told her “She looks like a tramp of the highest order,” and “I’m glad she is sacking me as I could for a ready-made fuck like her.”

She told me “She wasn’t going to even mention it outside these four walls, as long as I would humiliate her on a regular basis”

I told her “She has not right to ask for anything,” and “From now on, if I want her I will take her.”

I am already making plans; in my head for tomorrow at our firm’s office party……

[Author’s Name Withheld]

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