30 Days Of Submission: Day Four

I love it when I am so sore that I am bruised and unable to sit. YUMMMMY

Do you switch into a dominant role at any time?

Not recently, nor would I ever again.

If you are in a domestic discipline (DD) relationship, are there things that you maintain control over?

There are some variations, but these seem to be the main beliefs:

  • The husband is in authority over his household and has the right/responsibility to discipline his entire household, including the wife.
  • DD is “responsible authority,” meaning that if the husband is to have authority then he must be able to take action and mete out consequence in a tangible form.
  • Discipline is seen as a practical expression of love, a proactive way of helping a wife to grow and mature; motivating her to re-align her priorities so that she will not end up in mediocrity.
  • Discipline is expressed in loss of privileges, spanking, corner time, and writing appropriate sentences multiple times. DDers may include prayer, godly examples, and encouragement in their list of ways to discipline.

Found here

DD is part off Daddy and I relationship, it has took me a long time to find someone willing to include DD within a relationship, for this I will always be grateful to Daddy for.  It is something I seeked for like forever, now I have found it, I want it.  Although, if relationship continues then I would like it to be part of any new relationship.

I don’t have the control Daddy does, although the only thing I remain “in control” over is my children, their health, education and general well-being.  That is on section of my life that DD will not be part off.  This was decided early in our relationship and it is something I would take with me if I were to enter any new relationship.

Are you a “switch” in BDSM terms?  If not, have you ever thought about it or given thought to why it’s not for you?

No, I am consider myself a submissive and I have no desire to switch roles and would actually step back from any relationship that I was required me to be so.

When I first entered this lifestyle two decades ago, the partner I was with at the time had me Domme over him.  I did it at the time but never felt comfortable in that role and is one of the reason why we split, due to the fact I tried tell him that I didn’t like being a Domme.

I know a few switches and I admire them greatly that they can do such a role, but I personally cannot.  For now and furthermore I will always be a submissive.

2 thoughts on “30 Days Of Submission: Day Four

  1. I have never understood switches. You are either dominant by nature or submissive. Strikes me a switch is merely playing at BDSM. If anyone can explain to me I’d be grateful. Nearest I can get is that someone can be submissive to one person or dominant to another or alternatively they roleplay in a kind of heirarchy where the top has more than 1 slave/submissive and some are allowed more authority than others. Therefore they dominate the other subs/slaves.

    • No switches are not playing, yes they can be either Dominant or submissive. The limited number of switches that I have spoken with and/or know believe they are too “soft” to be dominant, but couldn’t fully submit to a Dominant either. What I will do is look for further information and ask the switches that I know if they could write what a switch means to them and I will make a separate post concerning this matter.

      Also the last description of hierarchy is something that can found in “poly” households, not something I really know a lot about. I will ask a number of my friends if they could describe it too me. Also met a new friend the other day who has both slaves and subs I will ask their opinion as well and make a separate post.

      Oh much research and writing for me thank you for the ideas keep them coming.

      Naughty little girl

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