Story: Tea Time Twist

Not quite what was described, but close enough I hope.

I have an new email friend who over the last couple of weeks, been sending me this story below in instalments.  Like my other friend they don’t want their name all over the internet and for those within their real-life to know that they write like this.

Sat in the cafe, I see you waiting on the tables, my eyes immediately drawn to your stockinged legs under a short skirt. Your breasts are fighting to escape the tight bodice, but excellent material, strong cotton, and well- sculpted neckline all play their part in keeping your breasts covered.

For 10 minutes you avoid my table, yet you are aware of my eyes constantly caressing your body. Eventually I call you over and ask “Why you haven’t taken my order.” You apologise, eyes lowered, and ask “What I want?”

My reply takes you by surprise: “I want to slap your thighs for keeping me waiting!” You blush and stand awkwardly, your breath quickening, and move out of reach. “Tea with a biscuit please!” I order, and you scurry off, but I notice your cheeks colouring up and your ‘sex bib’ spreading over your upper chest. When you return with my tea you clumsily, nervously, spill some in the saucer, which makes you worse, and the cup falls onto the table, splashing tea over my shirt and trousers. Apologising profusely, you offer to clean them for me, but it means I have to sit in your flat above the cafe until my clothes dry.

After locking the cafe door, you meekly ask me to “Follow you upstairs”, and this I do, my face only inches from your buttocks as we climb the steep stairway.

We were almost at the top of the stairs when you tripped, fell down, and caused me to stumble on top of you I got up and slapped your bottom – hard. “You clumsy girl!” I raged, “Now I’ve hurt my hand!” You lead me into the lounge, and stood there sheepishly. “Here help me off with my jacket.” You stood behind me and eased my jacket off my shoulders. “Be careful with that, it’s expensive!” You treated it like gold dust, folding it carefully. “Is that ok?” You came back and stood in front of me. Undo my cuffs. You did so, not looking up, but I was looking down. Down at your tits rising and falling, your sex-bib glowing redder. You undid the other, and as my arm extended, my fingers brushed the underneath of your breast. I heard the gasp escape your lips but ignored it. Now my shirt buttons. I ordered, and you slowly undid each button, fingers trembling.

We’re you scared or excited? You stopped, and I realised you’d reached my trousers. “Keep going”, I said, and you eased my shirt out from my waistband, and undid the last 2 buttons. Take it off me. You stood behind me and slid my shirt from my shoulders, and I could feel your fingertips making contact with my skin, your breathing quickening. You took my shirt out to the kitchen then hurried back. Now my trousers. My hard on was quite obvious by this time, fascinated as I was by your tits, the nipples hard and obvious. “Stop! Fetch me a drink of water, a large one.” You returned hastily, and was completely unprepared for what I did next. “See how you like it!” I said, and threw the pint of water right down your blouse…..

You gasped in shock as the cold water hit your tits, and I watched as your nipples hardened. “Look at the fucking state of you, you’re a fucking shambles. Get undressed!”

I watched as you slowly stripped to your bra and skirt. I glowered over you, “Did I say get undressed or not?!”

You looked at me pleadingly but I stared back. You let your bra slip from your tits, and I slapped them on the sides. “Look, are you turned on or cold? Answer me!”

With that I took a nipple and pulled it hard. You bent forward to relieve the tugging pressure but this only exposed your bare thighs, and I smacked them hard. You yelped and sank down, but I led you over to a chair.

I took two straps and passed each one round the top of your thigh, then tied each hand tight to your hip. “I’ll teach you not to spill my drink over me!” I stood behind you. “You fucking idle bitch, you’ve not even removed the label off your new knickers!” I said and, reaching down, I tore the lacy garment from you, your bald pussy coming into view. “Aha, shaved eh, or not?  Let me see.”

With that I pushed you onto the sofa and pulled your legs apart. “Baddest cunt I’ve seen this week. Bet you’re gagging for a fuck eh?” I moved round to your head and pulled my cock out, then wiped my knob over your face before pushing it between your teeth. “Suck it slag” I ordered, “Do it how I like or you’ll get slapped.” You looked at me and slowly and gently slid your mouth over my hard cock. “Wrong, slut!” I shouted at you and slapped your left tit. “Try again.” This time you were quicker but still gentle. SMACK! Your thigh tingled as my hand connected with your flesh. “You can’t even suck a dick properly.”  This time you gripped me in your mouth and I felt your teeth rasp down the shaft. I sighed with pleasure and slowly fucked your mouth. I suddenly stopped you and undid one of your hands.

“Finger fuck yourself, cunt face, let me see you wank.” You slowly let your fingers wander over your pussy lips and clit, but then I roughly pulled your legs higher and rubbed my knob over the soaking entrance to your pussy. I coated my knob, then in one slow but firm movement slid right inside your cunt

I continue to let my fingers and thumb play inside your body, as you lie there, but now I am restless. The pleasure I’m giving you is working against me, so now I make you stand, and walk behind you. I take your hands and tie each one to the top of your thigh, so that you can still open your legs but can’t move your hands away.

I lower you onto the floor and stand over you, then lower myself down until my heavy sac is over your mouth. I tell you to “Tongue my balls”, then I move slightly and push my dick into your mouth. You tilt your head back to allow me to fuck your mouth more easily, and I start a rhythmic motion. I can’t feel your teeth on my shaft, so I smack the side of your tits first one then the other, until you get the message and bite into my cock. “That’s better, keep that up.” As I continue to fuck your mouth I tell you to raise your legs, and as you do I watch as your glistening pussy comes into view. I reach over and untie your right hand, and order you to “Wank yourself, but do not cum!” I watch as you stroke your pussy lips, then dip a finger inside. This makes me harder, and I can feel the tingling building.

I order you “To use all your fingers now”, and you grip your pubic bone hard, frigging your fingers in and out, pulling your pelvis up. “Harder, harder, let me see those juices!” You pull out your fingers, and I tell you “To lick them clean.” You hesitate, so I take hold of both nipples, pinch hard, and pull until your tit flesh is taut. You lick your juices off your fingers, and, as my grip on your tits slackens a bit, you go back to wanking. My cock is in your mouth, so deep its almost choking you – but not quite. I tell you to “Fist yourself”, but you can’t, the angle is wrong, so I pull your legs high, and slide my hand over your vaginal lips. When you think I am going to finger fuck you, I take my hand away and slap your cunt lips. I repeat this several times, telling you over and over “That if you make me cum, you’ll pay for it.” But I also tell you to “Keep sucking on my cock.” I slide my fingers into your pussy, you are so wet they slide in easily. I use my other hand to widen your slit, and gently but firmly work my entire hand inside you. Your back is arching to meet my thrusts, but I’m not done yet.

My cock is tingling with all your teeth work and hard sucking, but now I want my fun.

I stand you back up and take you to the table, where I lie you down on your back. I re-tie your hand to your side, then raise your legs high. I lean forward and tongue your cunt, then look you in the eye, it has to be done, your punishment is such that now I have to do this.

I lift your legs higher, till your feet are on my shoulders. I rub my knob over your hard clit, then push into your wet pussy. Slowly. Very slowly. Then out again. My thumb strokes your clit, and I take my cock out of your cunt. As you look at me, I push my dick very slowly inside your bum, feeling the skin resist, then slowly part. My cock-knob glides in, and I can feel your anus close over the head of my hard cock. I pause and push my thumb inside your pussy, and I can feel my cock inside your bum. I push my hips forward, and feel your tight anus envelop the shaft, until I can go no further.

I felt the skin fold around my cock head, and I paused while your arse muscles relaxed and accepted my dick. I slowly pushed deeper, your moans of pain and pleasure mingled with my gasps of sheer lust as I arse fucked you. I heard a noise at the door, and froze as a voice called my name.

Suddenly my best friend Carl popped his head round. ‘Fuckin’ hell, can anyone join in?’ he laughed. I said “Yes, this sloppy bitch needs a lesson teaching her.”

You looked on in shock as Carl stood in front of you and flopped his stiff dick out. “Want to suck a big one eh, slut?” Carl pushed his cock into your mouth, which caused you to rock back on my cock, sending me to be up to my bollocks deep in your arse.

Carl and I set up a rhythm, you getting fucked in the arse and mouth. Carl began to quicken, and with a roar pulled away from your mouth and unleashed a hot stream of cum over your face and into your hair. Further spurts covered your cheeks, before he once more pushed his dribbling dick into your mouth. This sight made me quicken too, and I pulled almost completely out, but then slid deep into your arse and emptied my balls inside you. Spurt after spurt shot inside, and I finally withdrew, spent and satisfied.

Cleaned up and dressed once more, I looked over at you and smiled. “Perhaps you’d like to spill my drink over me every time?” You nodded meekly. “Next time I’ll drop cake on you!”

[Author’s Name Withheld]

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