Story: The Frantic Need….

Couple kissing against a brick wall

Below is a story that a friend sent to me, it is posted with their full permission but they doesn’t mean they wish their name to be known to the world.

The frantic need…..

The room was full, the party in full swing. I sat on the edge of proceedings hanging on your every word, observing your every movement, and you knew it! You knew I was only there because you were, you knew all the other girls in the room were of no interest to me. Pretty as they were, charming as they were, witty as they were, you knew I only wanted you! And you loved the feeling that gave you, the feeling of being wanted. You revelled in that thrill of being watched, knowing what you said and did excited me so much. Your flirty words and movements may have been aimed at another, but I knew your pleasure was two-fold!

Occasionally your eyes would rest fleetingly on mine, your cheeky smile be pushed in my direction, always brief, but long enough to stir those desires within us both — long enough for me to know you wanted me too, and felt the same desires that I had made no effort to hide.

As you left the room, you didn’t look back at me, you didn’t need to, you knew I’d follow — your absence from the party noticeable, mine less so, yet the thrill that people left behind inside knew you were with me excited us both, the thought of people knowing, perhaps even seeing or hearing, pushed the thrill crashing into our pounding hearts, filled our lungs, making breathing a luxury we were willing to struggle without.

As I turned the corner outside the house, I saw you leant against the wall. You gave me a brief look, and a smile that almost stopped me in my tracks…..almost, but not quite. I was desperate or you. Desperate to hold you, feel you, taste you, excite you! I stood in front of you, my body close but not yet touching. I took your hands in mine, feeling our lust pass between our fingertips. Lost in each others eyes, me, intoxicated by your beauty.

We didn’t speak — we didn’t need to. There was no awkward silence, just a lust-filled pause that stretched on in my mind, fuelling my want, swamping my tingling body. I run my fingers over your lips, moving them away as you tried to kiss, leaving a breathless gasp behind, my hand moves across your cheek, running through your hair before grasping and pulling tight, yanking your head suddenly to one side, presenting your neck to me. You gasp as my lips press against your neck, my tongue circling round teasing, exciting before the contrast of my teeth, biting, sinking into your flesh turns your gasp to soft scream.

I hold your hair firmly, preventing you from moving away as I scrape my teeth across your neck and down to your shoulder. I pull your dress quickly, roughly up above your waist and kick your legs apart, standing between them, pressing myself against you. One hand running firmly over your body. Down your cleavage, underneath your breast, then back up, gathering your breast into my touch as my hand moves roughly over your body, pinching and squeezing your nipple through the dress as my lips move to yours, pressing hard against you, pushing your head back on the wall as I bite your lower lip, holding it firmly between my teeth, I bite and pull my head away, letting you feel the soft pain swoop through your body.

Your fingernails rake over my chest, moving down my body, your intensity growing, leaving your mark upon me, ripping open my trousers leaving no teasing pause before your hand reaches inside, runs down my cock, your fingers spread over, and then tighten around my balls, squeezing, pulling just long enough to convince me to release your lip from my teeth and push into your flesh as my head collapses against you.

My hand runs down your body, grasps at your inner thing, holding it tight in my grip, my outstretched thumb pushes against the wet patch on your panties, pushing against the fabric, pushing your panties between your lips, into your pussy, feeling the wetness grow as I kiss you harder, rougher. I release my grip on your inner thigh, allowing the blood to rush to the pained area, bringing you instant relief and a tingle softening the pain.

My hand moves up, the heel of my thumb pressing against your clit, rubbing hard, the fabric of your lace panties rubbing over your clit, the friction heat burning into you, adding to the pleasure, my fingers pushing between your lips, the lace rubbing, magnifying the feeling as your hand tightens around my cock, wanking me hard, sliding over the full length of my cock.

Your fingers twirl over the end before sliding roughly back down my shaft, smearing my pre cum over my cock.

I pull at the waistband of your panties, pulling the fabric tighter into your pussy before the harsh snappppp of the elastic brings instant relief, my fingers push hard and quickly deep into your wet pussy, the convince and surprise bringing a long strangled moan as I push deep inside you, my fingers curling back onto the soft sensitive area, finger fucking you harder and quicker than you expected. My fingertips massaging the perfect spot, my thumb pushing, rubbing onto your clit. I rub the harsh lace of your panties up over your body , rolling the wet area over your lips before kissing you hard, my tongue licking, desperate to taste you.

You ease my trousers down and grasp onto my ass cheeks, pulling me closer, I bend my legs, allowing my cock to push against your lips. Quickly, suddenly I straighten my legs a little, pushing my cock up roughly between your lips, pushing deep inside, the more I stand upright the deeper my cock plunges into you, almost lifting you off the floor, the harsh brick wall digging in, ripping against your soft skin on your ass and shoulders. I pull right out of you, the cold night air sweeping against your wet lips, holding them as I plunge back hard and deep inside you, fucking you, hard and rough, holding you in my arms tight against me, maximising the amount of our bodies pressed together, both of us feeling the frantic need to fuck!

The voices of people in the party sweeping over us, the sound of nearby footsteps add to the thrill, the excitement, knowing they can hear your moans, knowing that through the darkness, someone is probably watching you getting fucked hard and deep against the wall, your dressed pulled right up, your body on display. I push into you harder and deeper, the pain of the brick on your back adding to the pleasure as I kiss you hard, giving you no release briefly for the gasps, moans and screams you desperately need to make. My hand rubbing your clit, fast and frantic and furious.

You wrap one leg around me, opening up your pussy even more, allowing me as deep as I can be inside you, feeling my hard cock sliding out before slamming back into you, sending you crashing back against the wall, forcing you to lose a grip on the orgasm welling deep inside you. My mouth on your neck, biting, your breathless gasps and uncontrolled pleas to God rage in my ear as we fuck.

Your grip on me tightens pulling me ever closer, pulling me deeper I feel the contractions in your pussy at the same moment you feel my cock twitch harder, feeling our orgasms meet and rash against each other head on. Both shaking, breathless, you feel my hot cum deep inside you. Your pussy alive, throbbing, sensitive to every drop of my cum, enjoying the pleasure from your body. I push hard against you, deep inside, milking our orgasms for a few more beautiful seconds as I pin you to the wall.

I push against you, still inside you as we drift down from our high, holding you tight, feeding my desperate need to have your body close to mine. Breathing heavily against each other, our frantic need satisfied….for now. Sometimes there’s no place for flirting, for teasing — sometimes there’s just a frantic need to be satisfied and an ache to relieve, and sometimes, it’s best to give somebody their sometimes!!!!

{Author’s Name Withheld}

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