Rant: How Many People Are In Our Relationship

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How I felt sometimes during the week

Daddy and I are older, we tend have bit of luggage of past relationships, children, marriage(s), etc.  We tend to keep our lives separate from our relationship to a large part.  Yes, we still talk to our kids every day and our ex partners; when we have too, but overall we tend to keep them out with our lifestyle.  As neither Daddy and I feel that we would be better for the all and it is a decision that we made really early in our relationship.

Yes Daddy and I are in a open relationship and yes there is others involved, but this is not a post regard them.

This is a post regard C & M; who I have spoken about in a previous postings and the latest saga they even included Daddy’s ex-wife in their latest tirade attacks, but they also put my relationship with my kids at risk also.

When I arrived, I said “Hi there” to them both, they never lifted their heads or even acknowledged my greeting.  When they did that I knew nothing had changed and likely had gotten much worse, but at that time I didn’t know how bad it had actually gotten.

On Tuesday Daddy’s ex-wife called she was mad about something, but I am not sure what as I left the room when Daddy’s phone went off; personally like to give people their privacy when they receive a call.  From what Daddy told me later, C or M had been in contact with her complaining about me it appears I have done something wrong YET again.  Although, her conversation was soon turned to Daddy and their children.

His ex-wife called again on Wednesday, this time I wasn’t as understanding as I was the day before.  I actually over heard parts of Daddy’s conversation, from what I was able to gleam from one side of the conversation either C or M had email Daddy’s ex-wife a link to my Fetlife profile and she was miffed; not  the word I would normally use, but I am trying to be polite here.  When I found that out I felt violated and the fact my privacy was compromised by their recklessness.

I was also worried that they had mail the link to other people like my ex-husband.  He knows about BDSM and what I would like from any future relationships.  He has chosen not to follow me into it and told me he doesn’t want to know anything about the lifestyle, what I do or whom I am with and I have respected his wishes since we split and will continue to do so.

Also worrying for me as I know they post use Facebook to post gripes, moans and general complaints, I was worried that they had done the same with a link to my Fetlife Profile.  In basic terms I felt that my privacy had been raped by them.

Daddy wasn’t in a good mood, he withdrew into himself for most off the afternoon, so I just left him to work it out by himself as I knew from experience to leave him well alone.

On Thursday, Daddy decided to confront them both and yip they kicked off, there was much shouting on both sides.  Neither C or M would admit that they were the ones who emailed the link to Daddy’s ex-wife.  During a three way argument; I was stuck in the kitchen with the dog unable to avoid it, I was asked by Daddy to stay out off it.  Lovely the buggars do something to me and I am not allowed to confront them.

Something that they all said upset me, Daddy knew how upset I was and wanted to me to talk to him.  I asked to hold off until we left the house so I could speak freely, without fear of being overheard and/or being reported to his ex-wife or posted on Facebook.

So all the walk into town I told him what feelings and thoughts were about what happened over the previous three days, I must admit it wasn’t my finest hour or during that time I wasn’t very ladylike in my use of language or very sub like on how I spoke to Daddy either.  I did feel so guilty piling on more grief to him, but I felt I had kept silent long enough and what I had to say had to be heard.

The last week with Daddy I felt I am dating another 3 people out with Daddy, like being in an open relationship isn’t hard enough without adding other UNWELCOME people to the mix.

Overall these invaders have ruined what could have been a really good week with my Daddy, we were both very stress for most of the week.  Thank you very much you bunch of idiots.

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