Daddy: A Second Week

Even after a stressful week I still love being Daddy’s little girl

I arrived at Daddy’s late on Monday afternoon/early evening as I came up directly from Boss’s location to Daddy’s.  He met me at the station.  When we dropped off my bags at his house, we wandered around to the local shop so I could find something to eat for Daddy and I.  There was nothing in particular within their frozen food section, so I decided to pick up some Chedder cheese, Branston pickles and bread, for some toasted cheese with pickles yum yum.  It made Daddy smile; okay not a proper dinner, but it can do after a long day of travelling.

I would love to say things with C & M  had improved, but judging by the lack of eye contact and communication is anything to go by; that is very unlikely.

Then I loaded up my laptop and showed Daddy all the pictures that Boss took over the weekend.  M walked past while I was doing so; oh god let the fireworks begin.  Daddy loved a lot of the pictures that Boss had taken, he was giggling about the event that we went too, but he so wants to go see the place for himself.

We went upstairs as Daddy had 2 maintenance days to catch up on; according to our rules, he got started with at least one off them hehe 😉 I was happy sub with a very sore booty.

We did cuddle up early as I was so tired from all my travelling I had done over the weekend.


Daddy and I woke up early and we made up for some the time we missed out on the night before. 😉  Then I pottered about with Daddy doing some household chores, making sure that I didn’t touch or move any off C & M’s stuff as this had been one off their numerous complaints over my previous visits.

We were generally pottering about doing the chores all days, sitting on the pc checking on email and Facebook etc, and going up the stairs to watch some DVD’s and have some fun ;).  We also went around to the local shop to pick up some stuff for dinner.  I decided to make tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise pasta for Daddy and I as I hoped to show Daddy that healthy eating could be interesting and tasty.

Daddy decided tonight was a good time to start one other part of our new routine bedtime story, what happened is posted here , we spent a good half – forty-five minutes laughing, so probably pissed of C & M again, cause we were so loud.

We soon dropped off after this the story time.


I had to walk up Daddy at 3am because my legs had cramped up and I couldn’t move them, god I felt so guilty.  I hate when I have to ask other for help it is just the type of person that I am.  I even had to ask Daddy to give me some painkillers as when we released the cramp there was underlying pain in my left leg; god I was so sore.

I had asked a long soaked in the bath, although I had to ask Daddy to help me in and out of the tub.

I asked Daddy to leave me to do the chores on my own as I just wanted to potter about to walk off any pain that the painkiller wouldn’t or couldn’t get rid off, that is what I have always done in the past and it has always worked

Daddy spent the day on the PC chatting with his kids, he came by regularly to check on me and make sure that I was doing okay.

I decided to make Daddy and I a thick vegetable soup with dumplings, I am not a chef but rather a mum who grow up learning from both my mum and other elders in my childhood.  I make comfort food.  I even try to get the dog help me make the soup, but her grating skills are limited so I had end up asking S to go and let me do it <joking> sorry the med’s are making me do and say silly things.

After 3 hours of cooking, Daddy was able to enjoy the soup which he had been smelling all afternoon.  Daddy loved the soup, so did S yeah the dog got some soup also.  It was another early night for us both because we got up so early this morning.  Oh the exciting life of BDSM lol.


I woke up early; 5am, but I left Daddy sleeping as I didn’t want disturb him this morning as I woke him so early.  I went downstairs did some work and worked on this blog some. My leg felt much better today, thankfully.

Also I did a general tidy up as there is a slight change today as Boss is coming over to meet Daddy.  To honest I am so nervous, as I want them both to get along.  I also believe that Daddy could do with a male friend so he can talk about all his issues and I believe Boss could be that friend.

Daddy had an appointment in town in the afternoon, so after a morning of just hanging out, we walked into town.  I needed to popped into Specsavers to get my glasses fixed the legs on them had began to get wiggle a lot and I didn’t want to lose them completely as I need my glasses to even type this blog; god I hate getting old :).

As we walked back to Daddy’s, Boss phoned me, which I am glad he did as I wanted to give him a heads up on the situation at Daddy’s house, so he wouldn’t be shocked with the atmosphere is there currently.  I will discuss this in a future post.

When we got back I served Daddy the remain Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta I had made on Tuesday as I knew we wouldn’t have much time before Boss turned up.  I felt so guilty serving Daddy leftovers, but what is a busy little sub to do.

As I was tiding up, Boss arrived; this little sub made sure that both Daddy and Boss had their drinks made to their liking and we sat out in the back garden and chatted some, while drinking our drinks and then as Daddy and I agreed we all went for a walk; so we could all chat without being over heard by C & M.

We all headed to the local play park as I wanted a shot on the swings; yeah for real, much of delight of Daddy and Boss.  I sensed that they hadn’t really began to chat yet, so I suggested that we walked around the block.  Daddy and Boss walked about 5 paces ahead of myself as I hung back to allow them to chat.  Daddy did admit later that he was surprise that I did that, but was very pleased that I did and yeah he did tell me I was a “good girl” <wriggle> 🙂 this makes me one happy little sub.

When Boss left I reheated the soup that I made the day before for Daddy and I, although he says it was more like a stew rather than a soup today hehe.  We went to bed soon afterwards.


I woke up early again and yeah I left Daddy sleeping again, headed downstairs to do some more work and checking emails and such.

C & M shocked me this morning by being up before 7am all dressed and ready to leave for a trip.  I woke Daddy so he could say “Goodbye” to them, but he refused, but I still took him up his cup of tea when they left and I said to Daddy “Since C & M had left for the day, would he like to chose what I did or didn’t wear for the day?”, this is something he wants to do IF and when we are together 24/7 and on our own so I thought I would suggest it for today.  Even more so as Boss is meant to pop back to Daddy’s today, to grab a quick cuppa and to speak with Daddy further.

Daddy chose a black PVC maid’s outfit with red knickers, his favourite bra and my 5 inch fuck me heels 🙂 Daddy was one happy bunny I wish I took a picture of his huge grin that he wore this morning.

So after I took I quick shower, I put the outfit on as Daddy requested as he also went to shower.  Daddy’s front door went thinking it was Boss I went to answer it.  Well it wasn’t Boss, but rather an employee of Royal Mail, well lets just say I made his morning and gave him a story to tell his colleagues when he is back at the depot <blush> ;).

Even though, I haven’t mentioned him much ex-Sir in this post had been in regular contact with me, in part trying to keep me safe and on the other part he was trying to get Dom on my arse.  He was want lots of detail on what happened over the previous weekend and  during the week, all which I wouldn’t do no matter how he tried or way he spoke to me.  To passive him a bit I asked Daddy if I could send him a picture of today’s outfit, not only did he agree but he also took the picture hehe and yes ex-Sir liked the picture A LOT ;).

Boss turned up roughly an hour after the visit from Royal Mail employee, I was in the kitchen when he arrived and Daddy told him where I was and Boss came to find to say hi.  He also liked the outfit as well 😉 and he promptly ask Daddy if he could have photo shoot with me after with we had our coffees.  Daddy agreed, I served them both their drinks and I went to sit down behind them, Daddy turned around and asked “What are you doing?”, I replied “I am your maid for the day that means I can’t sit with them”, both Daddy and Boss giggle and Daddy replied “You are not getting off that easy, you are sit between us baby girl.”  At that point I know this baby girl is very much in trouble ;).

After Boss left to return to his home, Daddy and I headed to town so we pick up some much needed shopping.  We headed home and I made Daddy my own special salad and promised him that I would use girl’s maths to allow us to have apple pie and icecream as treat for afters (pudding).

Today was really fantastic as we could chill and relax without interruption like we have experienced all week.  It was really good to see Daddy so relaxed and chilled out.  We also got caught up with a lot of “play” that we both felt that we had missed out on all week.


Daddy woke me up very nicely this morning 😉 hmmm I do love it when we are on our own so much.  We woke up our way, the way I hope we wake up a lot in the future.  Daddy and I were so relaxed and not stressed for the second time this week.

We made breakfast, did some chores, in between “playing”  with each other.

It was all going well until Daddy’s ex wife phoned and said she was coming down to pick up as their son was wanted to see him.  I don’t mind that, what do I mind that as much as we both believe that our kids relationships are important to us.  What really annoyed me was his ex wife attitude.  I will explain further in a later post.

I quickly packed up my things, and started the long journey back to my house.  I was tearful, pi$$ed off and very angry; again I will explain more in a later post. I spent the whole of train journeys in tears.  We left with things a bit up in the air.

[Edit: I will add pictures to the post if and when I receive them]

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