Bedtime Routine: When Your Adult Brain Takes Over


Like many Daddy/little relationships my Daddy has introduced a bed time routine into our relationship.

There is not much to it as we are not 24/7 type of relationship yet.  We do spend a lot of time together, we do have separate lives and homes currently; we hope that will change in the next year or so.  Therefore, our relationship is half long distance and the other half is spending extended periods being 24/7.

This routine came around after Daddy did a lot of research while we have been apart for the last two weeks.  Our current routine:-

  • Making sure my teeth are brushed
  • Washing my hands & face
  • Telling me to tidy away any stuff which I have been using throughout the day.
  • Telling me to bid everyone “Good night” as I head upstairs.
  • Removing my slippers, taking any medication and snuggle under the duvet before Daddy comes upstairs.
  • Daddy brings up a glass of iced water; just in case, I need/want a drink.
  • Daddy then tucks me in.
  • Daddy then kisses my forehead and tells me how much he loves me and if he thinks I have been a good or bad girl that day.
  • Then if I have been a good girl Daddy will read me a story.

There is no firm rules in Daddy/little dynamic over what type/story of books are used during story time.  As far as I can see it is dependent on the Daddy and little’s personality, relationship and hundred other reason that people are so different from one another.

Daddy and I decided to use children’s books with author’s that we remember from our own childhood.  This is in part because as a child I never actually learned how to read and couldn’t do so until I was about 19-20.  So Daddy decided he would share the books of his childhood and the memories which he has of them.

The book which Daddy choose to begin our new routine was “The Magic Faraway Tree” by Enid Blyton.  Enid Blyton; 1897-1968, was a world wide known author that had the most book available, in many different genre’s and is firm favourite with both girls and boys.  She was as bigger and well known author; even bigger than author’s like J.K Rowling and Judy Blume is today, has always been popular  withdrawal from local libraries even today.  Although, that is not to say that she has not cause controversy throughout the decades and even more since her death.  Her books were off her era and therefore contained a lot of what is now considered racist and sexist comment, hints and/or language, has meant that most of her writings have be re-written since her death, although series like Noddy and friends are still hugely popular with children today.

The book of which Daddy was reading my bedtime story is one he has had since he was youngster and therefore hasn’t been re-written for today’s society and their viewpoints.  Personally, this made me feel very young again at the look and smell of the book, it brought back memories of these being read to me by teachers in primary (grade) school, as that is only way I got to know about the magical places of Enid Blyton took many children of my generation too.

I followed the routine as described earlier in this post and Daddy decided that I was good enough girl last night to be told as bedtime story.  I was so excited and had a huge grin on my face, as this would be the first chapter of what I would hope of many that would transport me to faraway magical places and replace the scary and horrible dreams that I had lately.

So, to paint you a picture there is me snuggled under the duvet and Daddy sitting on top of it, he begins to read aloud. He didn’t even get past the third paragraph without the two us are  in fits of hysterics.

Dick comes to stay

Once upon a time there were three children, Jo, Bessie and Fanny.  They lived with their mother and father in a little cottage deep in the country.  The girls had to help their mother in the house, Jo helped his father in the garden.

Now, one day their mother had a letter.  She didn’t often have letters, so the children wondered what it was all about.

“Listen!” she said “This is something quite exciting for you.  Your cousin Dick is come to stay with us!”

[The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton (1971 edition)]

Both Daddy and I are very dirty minded and love nothing better than having a conversation veiled in double entendre’s and which most people would consider offense or risque, never mind adding in our involvement in BDSM and the Daddy/little relationship as well.

Daddy was shocked how much his adult brain had ruined and corrupted some of his best childhood memories and the realization that we couldn’t use our traditional books from our childhood, but maybe we would have to change up our books to more adult material.  Therefore preserving our childhood memories and not have them replaced by more adult and x-rated ones. 😉

I will keep you all updated on our next book choice.  Although if you all have suggestions you are more than welcome to leave a comment below.

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