Boss: Munch & Photoshoot

Boss really liked this dress

I love having a treat of Creamy Mocha coffee

During the last week, I spoke regularly with Boss through both Fet, text messages and phone calls.  I was meant to be going to Daddy’s on Friday, but his circumstances meant I was unable to go until Monday instead.  When Boss heard this news, he asked if I would go down and visit with him that weekend.  He is going to an event on the Saturday and he would like me to be his escort; which I agreed to do so.

Boss telling me off for being cheeky again!!!!!!!!!

One of the mails I sent to Boss sounded totally girlie, I asked him “What do I wear to such event?” , I must admit that I felt out of my depth as it has been over 20 years since I was at BDSM event and that didn’t end too well.  To say I was nervous was an understatement.

Boss and I agreed that I would travel to his location on Saturday.  Which gave me a chance to speak to my neighbour A over some matters which happened while she was away on holiday; vacation, she was nice enough to hand me two dress; one for the party and the second for everyday wear, god my bags were so heavy as it was now I had to sneak another two dresses in there.  Why do I always over pack when I go away, will I never learn.

Me being cheeky; nothing new

I expected the trains to be a lot more busy than they were; due to this weekend being a bank holiday here in UK, I was lucky enough to get a seat on every train on the way down; that is such a rare thing on British rail service.

Boss was waiting for me outside the station then we headed to his house.  As I unpacked I told Boss he had the decision over which outfit I would to event he wished me to escort him too.  This really shocked Boss as he is not a Dom, but rather a switch.

My pretty party dress

A switch is someone who participates in BDSM activities sometimes as a top and other times as a bottom or (in the case of dominance and submission) sometimes as a dominant and other times as a submissive. [Wikipedia]

He chose the party dress that A had allowed me to borrow earlier that day.  Although, he was ooooh and aaaaahhh over a number of the outfit’s which I brought with me.  Maybe over packing isn’t so bad after all.

Had a slight issue with ex-Sir who decided he was going to get all Dom on my arse.  I know he was worried about me attending event, that I might get hurt or be in danger.  I had asked him if he wanted to one of my “safe calls” earlier in the week, he turned me down, so I set up two other people to be my “safe calls”; one who I knew would answer my texts and another with car who could pick me up if I needed to get out of the situation, and now he decided to get all worried; there is sometimes I can’t win I try to do the right thing and even then I still myself into trouble.

Giving Boss a discreet peek

The event that Boss was going to was a birthday party held in a local chamber near to where Boss lives.  There was about 20 people in attendance.  I am so pleased that everyone there was friendly and were really nice to me and even after I went arse over elbow and landed on my butt within five minutes of Boss and I arriving; only thing bruised was my ego thank god.  Even got a quick shot on the spanking bench; I so want to have a long go next time, I am say their set up is beautiful and the host and hostess said I am welcome to return any time.

Although, the host; who is also a DaddyDom, was a little bit shocked that I have rule where Daddy has a punishment written into it, although the hostess was intrigued; oops I think I might cause and issue there <bites lip>.

We spent a nice few hours there before heading back to Boss’s house.


We woke early as Boss had a job booked locally to upgraded and service some equipment, then plan was to go for a walk

Upshot through the grating of the Lighthouse steps

along the beach and maybe take a few pictures ;).

We had a nice drive over to where Boss had to do the his work, we left his vehicle at his work location while we went off wander along the beach.  It was filled on this day with loads of people because of it was a holiday weekend and the fact that the UK had some lovely weather for a change.  After a short wander and very owie feet; this beach had loads of stones on it, we wandered back into town.  I bought Boss and I some chips; as you can’t go to the beach with having chips or I can’t, then we went for cuppa before heading back to Boss’s vehicle.

Instead of heading back to Boss’s home the direct route, Boss decided we would return the

In Boss’s cloak for the Grim Reaper shot

scenic route although the old coastal road.  We passed many little town’s and villages along the way and we stopped at what I consider a proper beach; full of sand and no stones; damn I forgot a bucket and spade, but YIPEEEEE I was a big kid again; doesn’t take much I know.

This beach was so different, it was full of sand and had a proper lighthouse.  Boss even went for a lie down in the incoming tide.  Then the Boss took some naughty shots on the lighthouse steps.  I even managed to take some shots of Boss as well even he got a little bit naughty.  Although not as Risqué as our previous weekend due to the number of children around; I might be an exhibitionist but even for me that is a hard limit.

When we returned I made Boss a lovely evening meal, we spent the evening surfing the internet and enjoying each

Boss showing his booty off

other’s company.


The shot that boss wants for Halloween

I woke up early, sat downstairs quietly surfing the internet, while Boss slept.  Boss wanted to take pictures of me on his spanking bench which was in his attic, he also wanted to take pictures of some of the outfits I brought with me.  He also wanted to take some Grim Reaper shots so he could post them on Fet ready for Halloween; but of course I had to go that one stage further ;).  This all had to be done before 1pm as I needed to leave for the train which I was taking to Daddy’s.

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