BDSM On A Budget – The Chains™

I hope when Daddy has the dungeon ready this could be idea for him although we need to find another “Dom Depot” outlet

The Dom Next Door

Admit it, you watch “those” videos.

You know, the ones that are done professionally by pay-for-view sites. Famous bondage and/or adult actresses being restrained in a dungeon setting that all but the most serious or financially independent devotee of BDSM can afford, or at least hide.

Shackles everywhere. Pulleys capable of suspending livestock abound. Enough rope to outfit a four masted schooner. Leather cuffs and collars, steel spreader bars with all the connections. Cages. Fucking machines. Tables and racks right out of the Spanish Inquisition.

Their business is kink, and business is good. Especially after the success of a certain neutral hued book series.

I will bet that most couple’s virgin explorations of bondage began with something innocent, like a scarf or belt. Which in turn will lead to either experimenting with rope or that pink nylon bondage set from Adam & Eve, which will in the future be best…

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