Pictures: What I Found Lately

Daddy has called me that once or twice

As you baby girl has missed you so much.

I do try to be Daddy

He is not as naughty as monkey Daddy, can I keep him

I loved our last full day together as that is how we were with each other

So so much Daddy

and he makes me smile so much

Oh Daddy pretty please

I know I can depend on my Daddy

This just looks pretty, I would actually like this as part of my collar when we get one

Hehe if I struggle just reach for my Daddy’s arms

My Daddy is owns my body do with how he see fits.

Another similar one, I would like this added to my collar

Pretty please Daddy

Hehe I just hope Daddy allows me

Please Daddy

Yes Daddy

Wonders where I could buy this

I want snuggle time Daddy

I have loads and loads I am to be curious about

Sorry Daddy I do try to be good

If so can you please Daddy

Cause we apart so often I think of fucking you all the time Daddy

I want to look like this for Daddy

I love my Daddy so much

Do we have safe word Daddy?

What I have been thinking about today

Hell Yeah

That is what I hope my Daddy makes me

Just like how an naughty baby girl should be

Pretty please Daddy

I want this on a t-shirt

What my Daddy likes to hear

Daddy maybe one day I meet you like this

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