Phoot Shoot: Secretary and Exhibitionist

Playing on Boss’s computer

I was a very lucky girl Saturday I met a new friend Boss; not his title what I chose to call him, who wanted to take some pictures of me.

Boss is someone I have been chatting with on Fet; through forums postings and later Fet mails,  We  got on well and I agreed to be a model for him right away as he didn’t give me any bad vibes from his chat.  It took a month or so for us to meet up, due to our diary conflicts.

Edited by Boss

Boss wanted to know what kind of photos I wanted taken, I didn’t give him any answer on that, as I never feel comfortable telling anyone what I want or I would like as that is the type of person.  This is in part because my newness to the BDSM scene and still lacking confidence in my abilities.

Hiding in the bushes

We meet up on Saturday at one of the local studios; where we took a number Secretary shots; which took roughly an hour.  We went over to the local ASDA for a cuppa and a chance to chat; I wouldn’t be willing to do so when Boss was taking the pictures.

Showing I can type

We decided to travel around the local area looking for secluded spots where I could get naked; without the risk of being arrested or upsetting anyone.  We did find some secluded areas and got some great shots.

Me on my knees for Boss

Boss and I decided to have dinner at a local pub I know serves some great food, on the way back to Boss’s van we walked through a graveyard I got a little bit naughty and decided that it was a great place from some topless

Taking my top off


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