Rules: First Draft

I am so thankful for my Daddy

Below is the first draft of Daddy’s rules, there is things lacking like protocol and such but because our relationship is so new and doesn’t require all off that YET Daddy decided to leave that for a later date.  If there is any changes to these rules then I will repost them at a later date.


Set in Stone

Daddy is ALLOWED to see whomever he wishes as long as he wear a condom with others.  But baby girl requests NO OTHER BABY/LITTLE.

Baby girl is ALLOWED; with permission, see whoever she wishes as long as she observes safe sex practices.  Daddy requests no other Dom’s can be called DADDY.

Rules:- Flexible

  1. Daddy is not allowed to say “shut up” to baby girl.
  2. Baby girl is to respect her Daddy at all times.
  3. Baby girl can ask for cuddles at any time.
  4. Baby girl must ask permission before cumming the first time at each session.
  5. Baby girl is never to say “sorry” for things out with her control.
  6. Baby girl must continue her weight loss program until she reaches a size 16 or close too – expect “one week” a month.
  7. Daddy must start & maintain a healthy eating programme and not to tease baby girl with cakes, chocolate when she not around.
  8. Any body modification must be discussed with Daddy first.
  9. When leaving the house Daddy must receive a text every few hours from baby girl to know she is safe.
  10. Daddy will not perform pleasure-pain activities and or surpass baby girl’s limits for his own personal selfish gain.  As this is about you, my girl and her needs.
  11. Baby girl must ask permission to be “big” when been little for a while.
  12. When out baby girl must hold her Daddy’s hand at all times.
  13. When colouring and doing art activities, she must ask Daddy to do her cutting, sharpen pencils etc ALWAYS.
  14. When baby girl wants to stop being “big” in the real world she can her Daddy for “little time”.
  15. Baby girl is free to speak her mind and offer suggestions to her Daddy anytime without fear of punishments.  BUT NO WHINNING OR USING PESTER POWER WILL BE ALLOWED EVER.
  16. Daddy can do the “Daddy Dom” dance every time that baby girl exceeded his previous expectations.
  17. Baby Girl must wake Daddy up; either by text if long distance or by gently shaking Daddy if with him, every time she wakes up so Daddy can make sure she is protected at all times.


  • Minor Hiccups – Lines
  • Pouting – Smacking
  • Cheeky – Standing in corner
  • Disrespectful – Time-out chair with lube
  • Saying “Sorry” – Dusting a room
  • Daddy saying “shut it” – cleaning a toilet

SATURDAY          = Maintance Day

= Punishment Day


  • Bath time with Daddy
  • Video time with Daddy
  • If baby girl earns 5 stars above her sticker total, then Daddy will buy her a treat.
  • Colouring, drawing and art time on her own to allow Daddy time to BIG people chores or personal time to himself to watch television.

7 thoughts on “Rules: First Draft

  1. My Daddy and I are just starting out and I would love to know more about the type of rules and assignments You have so my Daddy and I know where to begin.

  2. These are a nice set of rules. I miss the feeling of comfort and structure having them brings.

    Also curious about chair with lube? Lol

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