Repost: ABC

Lady ABC I think will give Daddy one or two ideas

I found this on my Google reader feed this morning and I thought I would do my own.

A = Anal Sex what both me and Daddy wants for me

B = Boobs being spanking, bound or being fondled is what Daddy likes

C = Cunt being spanked, rammed and fucked by my Daddy

D = Daddy who is my protector, my teddy bear, sexy and handsome man

E = Extra People included within our relationship

F = Fucking any way that Daddy wants

G = Girl – Little who needs her Daddy to protect and love her but is willing to punish me also

H = Hair Pulling how Daddy like take me to his room

I = Imagination what we need within this lifestyle

J = Juggling real life and Little life

K = Kink

L = Lap of my Daddy’s where I feel safe and secure

M = Maintenance – spankings that my Daddy gives me to make sure a stay a good girl in his eyes

N = Nibbles that Daddy gives my body all over

O = Orgasms which Daddy gives me loads off

P = Penetration currently only my pussy being regular penetrated

Q = Quiet time what Daddy likes me to do art, drawing and colouring

R = Rimming which both my Daddy and I like to do to each other

S = Spanking – breasts, Arse and Pussy

T = Torture/teasing is what Daddy likes to do me when I am bound

U = under the covers ;-p where Daddy treats me naughty little slut I am.

V = voice – either my little or big one

W = warm and secure how Daddy arms makes me feel

X = The position Daddy likes me on the bed

Y = Yelling and screaming what Daddy makes me do when we together

Z = Zzzzzz’s what happens when we get to the end of this list

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