Rant: House Mates Causing Issues

I kinda like this tattoo, but I would like on the small my back and a bit smaller

I am not one who normally rants about other people as I try my best to get a long with everyone and it is very rare thing that people upset me.  Even more rare that I get mad at someone; three people in the last 10 years, now I have to add another one possible two people to that list.

Daddy currently has another couple staying with him and when I first them I thought they were really nice if M was really quiet and puts me in mind off E.  Daddy knew C for a year even was hoping to date her at one time, but when circumstances within C’s life meant she was homeless, Daddy offered her his spare room.

Now we Daddy and I met, he didn’t tell me how bad things had gotten between him and this couple; even now I don’t know the whole story, there was a problem over that first weekend Daddy & I were together.  C posted something on Facebook, which got his ex-wife and his step-children involved, there told Daddy that we had to be more considerate towards this couple; i.e., for us not to be noisy during sex.  To be perfectly honest, we weren’t noisy but we did have sex during the night and/or early in the morning which appears to upset this couple, but instead of talking to Daddy like any adult would, C posted her grievance on Facebook.

Daddy and I did modify our behaviour so not to upset them further, but it didn’t matter what we did.  C continued “bitching” on facebook which cause Daddy trouble from his family.

I got worse last Saturday, when C posted “SHUT THE F*CK UP” and Daddy got a text message “FFS put a gag in it” now this would have been valid if we were actually doing anything, but we weren’t.  We were sitting in the front room chatting, watching the Olympics on the television. I am was so pissed off, I actually thought off leaving Daddy’s and go back home.

Daddy got so pissed off and there was a flurry of texts back and forth between him and C.

When we finally went to bed Daddy was upset, couldn’t really settle, so I could really get over to sleep and it didn’t help that C & M were talking really loud and didn’t shut up until after 2am.  Then one of Daddy’s neighbour had an arguement at 6am I was fing knackered.

I woke up and got a coffee and sat on Daddy’s bed colouring until he woke up, then I woke him up properly like any good baby girl should wake their Daddy.

Daddy and I made a decision to as noisy and stay in the front room watching all day Sunday, not to be discreet and act all lovey dovey around; which we hadn’t in the previously.  They went out for a time then Daddy and I had so real fun ;), we  continued this all day even through to the closing ceremony.  After which we put the radio on and had some more fun hehe.

I am not too pleased with them, but I am not going to allow two stupid people to chase me away from probably the best relationship I have had in a long time.  Thankfully Daddy feels the same.

So if this blog/journal ever goes live and C & M read this “You are fucking idiots, as you lost a good friend in Daddy and possible new friend in you bunch of wankers”  I have wrote that here instead of telling you face to face as I don’t want to upset my Daddy ever and if you ever do that again then I am sorry Daddy I will say something to them, get the cops on standby when I do.

Hmmm handcuff <off to my happy place>.

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