Meeting: A Week With Daddy…..

Pretty Puppy , so cute

Daddy is finally home after being away for three weeks; god they were the longest 3 weeks EVER, so we agreed that I could over a week, partly both of know that we know any shorter we just be in bed all the time, also we didn’t want to push it with E watching my kids and I have the doctors the following Monday.  I even swear the train journey; which is actually quite short, felt really long on Tuesday.

Even though I was going over Tuesday we know this week we would have to act very “vanilla” between normal business hours as Daddy still had builders at his house, although this week is meant to be the last week they are here WHOO HOO.

My happy butt after Daddy spanked me for being a naughty little girl teasing all the boys. Daddy had to remind me that he is charge of me and my body. Thank you Daddy.

We basically spent most of Tuesday in bed getting to know each other again 😉 and satisfying both our itches we had developed while Daddy was away ;).

My bruises after my Daddy spanked my boobies

On Wednesday, Daddy’s house mates went away for a couple of days, so he decided that he wanted to stay at home all day today; not that I complained.  We had numerous sessions throughout the day.  I got plenty of spankings on my butt, legs and boobs; yippee this made me one happy baby girl <wiggle & wriggle>.  But Daddy did the sweetest thing EVER for me, he gave me a full body massage and I basically turned in a large pile of chocolate goo.  It is the first ANYONE has ever given me a massage, I usually give others them.  Also, Daddy gave me an art box and loads of drawing paper so I could draw and colour like all little’s do.  Daddy wished that we were to stay up as late as we could; or bodies will allow, and he also allowed me not muffle my orgasms and he wanted me to have the freedom to walk around naked; when the builders were not around.

Spoiling me continued on Thursday, when Daddy ran me a hot bath and then he washed me all over; another chocolate goo moment, then we dried up and got dressed and we went up the local retail park for a look around and pick up some food shopping; which is not most sexy but has to be done.  I suffer from social phobias, which means I don’t do well in anything like that.  But Daddy was really sweet, he held my hand as we walked there, spoke nonsense, allowed me a shot on swings; WHEEEEEEEEE I love the swings yeah for real, and allowed me to “little” most of the time we were out.  We picked up some rope we needed for a challenge set by another Fet user; or my bum was going red raw OWIE <rubs her booty>, which we wanted to complete this on the Friday when his housemates were out for the day again.  We came home and done domestic chores around Daddy’s house, I asked Daddy if I cook dinner for him and his housemates tonight, Daddy said yes.  I cooked oven baked potatoes with choice of cheese and/ beans.  We had an early night because of the night before activities ;).

Rope Challenge that another Fet user set me as a task/challenge/dare.

Friday was an early start for us as I was woken by Daddy giving me oral at 4am; hmmmmm, oh what a way to wake ;).  We decided to get started on chores list so we would be free to play when his housemates went out.  I just love helping Daddy around his house, it is so much fun and Daddy always makes it so much fun as well.  We finally got to try the rope corset that a Fet user requested I try.  Okay, we had a few false starts; mostly because neither of us had tried this before, we discovered the rope; which is good for boob bondage wasn’t good for the corset, next time we are going to buy a thicker rope.  But we have photographic proof, which I sure my butt will thank me later.  Hope that the Fet user will be pleased as well and not too disappointed that it is not quite the same as the link he sent on the forum.

Daddy liked the idea of me bound and pegged together

We went to bed early; but not because we were tired, but I had to wake Daddy up around 2am as I had the warning triggers for a nightmare or flashback.  I had wake Daddy up as it part of the rules; see previous post, we went downstairs to makes sure that we don’t disturb his housemates.  God, I felt as bad as here was Daddy protecting, talking to me and I hadn’t told him the reason behind my issues. Bless him, he sat with me for about an hour and half until I was a lot calmer and when I was I let him know little bits and bobs although not the whole story yet, I will do in time I promise Daddy.  Due to actually have a panic attack by the time we went back to bed I just passed out cold, and overall my sleep was really disturbed compared to how it had been all week.

Sneeky Peek for Daddy

On Saturday I woke early, but decided I would let Daddy sleep since he was up with me during the night, I went the stairs and pottered about for couple of hours, tiding up and catching up with some writing and my own personal chores that I put off to spend time with Daddy.  I did wake Daddy at 8am as we had planned to go into York to pick up “little” reward and I wanted Daddy to play tourist with me.

Daddy had requested that I wear no knickers today, jeans; due to the heat and low cut top to show off my cleavage but not all my boobs.  York is such a beautiful city and it is such a magical place which lends its self to having people just wandering around aimlessly which I love to do when going around anywhere, doesn’t matter whether it is for shopping or window shopping.  I love discovering little shops with magically treats inside.  We had a picnic in the museum gardens; Daddy spotted a lady with a big booty in the park and was openly drooling over her hehe.

We picked up material for window dressings for Daddy’s step children’s room as Daddy was going to pick up curtains for their next visit, but he couldn’t find anything he liked, so I suggested we look in a fabric shop to see if we had more luck.  We something suitable WHOO HOOO and it cost way less that a set curtains ever would have.  Within the same shop Daddy found what I was get as “little” treat time; Winnie the Pooh colouring book and colouring pencils, <bounce up and down excitedly> we continued to wander around York looking at pretty things.  Daddy was giggling so much how much my “little” side was showing while we were out.  He said it gave him plenty of ideas of what I will be like as a “little” and what things can be used for treats.

Daddy loved my booty in them jeans

There was another task that I decided we better start on, looking to get a temporary collar; I don’t want to accept a real collar until things with E are sorted.  More so because both Daddy and I don’t want to be married again, so if we ever decide we are going to collar me then it will be like our own type of wedding ceremony.  Saying all off that means nothing at the moment is probably a long way off, but we will need a temporary on as Daddy would like take me to Skin Two a large BDSM event held in Leeds every year.  Within BDSM community if you are a Dominant and turn up with a submissive then it is expected that he/she will be collared for event or you could have issues from the other Dominants and actually be looked down upon.  Also Daddy would like to take me to local munches and he hopes it will help me get over my fear of attending formal BDSM gatherings.

We had dinner with his house mates and sat and watched television for a bit went the upstairs to Daddy’s room to have some personal time together.  There was a number of other things that happened but I will add that to a separate post to this one.

Sunday, Daddy just wanted spends the day relaxing and watching the tail-end of the Olympics and the closing ceremony.  Saying that it was a relaxing day doesn’t some fun worked in there throughout the day hehe I don’t think Daddy and I would have it any other way.

Things I learnt this week is I really get off having my pussy spanked it causes me to be squirting good and long.  Makes

Where I called Daddy “Cruel evil bastard”

my Daddy to “Daddy Dom” dance a lot and how much I can squirt by being spanked.  Also how much I love being little with Daddy, get into a happy place and feel more settled.  Even Daddy notices the difference with me and my behaviour when I am little and I think he is pleased with the results.  How comfortable the relationship between Daddy and I is, how easy it is spend so much time together, without having awkward moments or arguing about little things.

Pictures Taken Overall:- 406

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