Skype: Date Nights

Very Pretty picture

Daddy I have managed two dates this week and they both went a lot more than our last one.  I have been so stressed that I really needed some play and loads of orgasms; I needed the last of tension removed.

I think Daddy knew that on Thursday as there was no tasks or getting me to do anything like spanking or pegging any where it was straight masturbation with his loads and loads of orgasms for me.  There was loads of chatting nonsense we chatted between 11pm until 2am it was so good not only to chat with Daddy but to see him as well.

Last night play session was back to normal well sort off.  It start off as normal me stripping off my top, but Daddy must have missed me so much as he was cum with me still in my bra on hehe ;).  There wasn’t as much smacking, pegging and such as there has been in the past, I think the session where we had a communication problem has paniced Daddy a bit and made him a lot more wary, but we had loads and loads of fun and loads of cumming for both Daddy and I.  I even squirted that much that I had made a little puddle on the floor.

Last night was our last online date night until we meet up Tuesday I can’t wait to see him in the flesh, get a kiss and hug; god how I missed them.

I am sorry this is not much of a post but I have been trying write the page “What being a little means to me” and it is kinda frazzled my brain a bit.

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