Tough Day Where Is My Bear

Such a pretty picture

Yesterday was a tough day for this little girl both emotional and physically.

Firstly because of a misunderstanding between Daddy and I during our online play session the next before.  That left me slightly emotional.  Due to this I am not going to post what actually happened as it is not fair on us both.

Then I woke up this morning to find my monthly’s had start, bring on the PMT so need chocolate and loads of icecream STAT.

Lastly I am a person who hates saying “No” to anyone for anything, but that is what I had to do with not only the Sir, but also ex Sir also.

I have to say “No” to Sir and in fact tell him that “We couldn’t continue” with this, as he has done and said somethings to me that set off my warning bells in my head and Daddy is concerned that Sir is just too extreme/advanced for me at this current time.  So rather than lead/string along Sir I have told him I will not continue with being a sub to him, I will not meet up with him although I hope we can still chat and becomes friends.

Compared to idiot that caused an issue previously Sir took it well I hope and I have not had to block him on Skype or Fet.  Although I have changed my status on Fet and removed his name.

As to saying “No” to ex Sir, he is such a nice, sweet and thoughtful man and would kill me; swat my butt a dozen times with his crop, if he ever knew I said this about him hehe.  He contacted me Sunday wanting to know if I required money for WOW account so I can play it again.  I politely turned him down and told him I would be back Friday when I would have cash to play again.

Bless him, he tried to argue with me and get Dom on my ass; he forgot I am now longer his sub.  I can imagine him getting frustrated with me and so wanting to tell me off when I said “No thank you, please respect this”.  I know ex Sir would have to bite his tongue and sit on fingers not to contact me and tell me off for speaking to him like that hehe.  But he respected me and my wishes <smiles>, so all is good.

Yesterday was so stressful I just so wanted to be wrapped up in Daddy’s arms, cuddling my teddy and have him stroking my hair saying “There there, it is going to get better, baby girl.”  I can’t wait to see Daddy next week as I miss him so much it hurts.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOohhhhhh Daddy petty pease, if I am a weally good girl

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