Skype: Daddy, No, Sir, No, Daddy, No, Sir, Yip, Sir

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Yesterday I posted that last night Daddy and I where meant to have a date night over Skype, well so much for that idea, Daddy’s step-daughter (A) had different ideas.  So our date night was cancelled for last night <cry> but rearranged for tonight <happy dance>.

Now apart from one picture of on Fet I haven’t spoken to Sir so no idea what Sir sounds like or if he does actually looks like he is picture.  Hehe, in the past, as strange as sounds I have actually had people cam with me and when you open up the cam they look nothing like their picture.  I didn’t suspect that Sir was one off them, but I got really nervous even though I didn’t have that long; 5 minutes, to think about it.

I have to admit that Sir has asked to cam earlier in the week, but it was during the day; with the kids here that is a no no, so I had to decline, now this is where the confusion came because I said “No the kids are here”, Sir thought I meant I would cam with him for the next six weeks.  Where I just meant to decline at that time, as I do cam but it is always after when the kids have gone to bed.  So any date nights when the kids are here start after 10pm more likely around 10.30pm.

Sir wanted me to complete a task to masturbate 3 times but stop just before cumming. I actually had to initial had to say “No” to and tell him the reason why. Due the previous misunderstanding, Sir was a bit confused until I explained it myself better and agree to additional strokes as punishment; ggggrrrr, oh well by poor bum and boobs will not thank me later hehe.

For the downside of Daddy having to cancel, Sir asked if I would cam with him and I agreed.

The original task that Sir was really extended further, Sir would give me a number of time he wanted me to masturbate without cummng, then when he allowed me to cum I was to squeeze one of my nipples hard.  So my brain associate pain with pleasure.

As the session/date continue Sir didn’t want me to stop squeezing my nipple hard even when I was just masturbating.  The number times I had to masturbate before cumming increased and increased.  As Daddy likes to tell me how sensitive I become the more times I cum.  When it was close to the session with Sir didn’t give me told me to insert my finger and fuck myself, but not to cum until he told me too and if I felt like I was going to cum then I was to slap my pussy 10 times.  I can’t remember much of that last time except pain, swearing loads and begging to cum.  When Sir gave me permission the orgasm was amazing and I squirted a lot.

I know that I am now serving two Dom’s – I can see me using Skype a lot more than I have ever in the past ;).

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