Long Distance Dating


Even though Daddy and I live relatively close; about an hour away by train, to each compared to others that I know who are in long distance relationships (LDR).  We still use Skype for nights when he is away.  We have only had two Skype dates so far, but another one planned for tonight <wriggle> I can’t wait to have some play time with him.  I really miss him and how he makes me feel even over off Skype.   Even though it has been a week since our last online date, we chat at least once a day and send loads of texts and MMS.

[EDIT] Sir and I have message through Skype and also text and I send MMS as well, but we haven’t done voice yet.  Keep you posted. [End Edit]

During Skype time Daddy chooses what underwear I will be wearing; if any, and what time we will be meeting.  We tend to make after the kids have went to bed, I get nice and comfy on my sofa.  Wait for Daddy to join me Skype.

Now this might sound really silly but I know we not actually having a date, but I still get really nervous and will take a hour or so to prepare for it i.e. shower, make sure my hair looks good, got a coffee, etc.

When Daddy joins me on Skype we chat some catch up on stuff, or even just random stuff that has happened to since our last conversation.  This can last for hour or so, then Daddy’s voice will change ever so slightly that is when we start playing ;).

The main difference over playing over the internet than to real life playing, is Daddy directs me what he want me to do or see.  He directs me what I should or shouldn’t be doing at any time.  His touch is replaced by me touching myself, me applying the punishment to myself as Daddy directs me too.

How my right boob looked after our last date night

How my left boob bruised after our last play session

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