What Have You Given Up On?

I found this question and pic on another blog it is a list of 40 thought provocking questions; which I might be revisit again in later post.  Back to the question, what have you given up on?

I have given up not eating all the junk:- with this week’s heat wave god! have I missed my icecream.  During that certain time of the month of a women’s cycle not have chocolate has also been hard.  I want my ex Sir to be proud of me and get that dress he promised me so I will stick it out.  I also want Daddy to be proud of me also he has promise to buy some sexy new outfit for me to play with every dress size I drop, now what girl doesn’t want new outfit.

I have given up control of my orgasm:- Firstly with ex Sir and now with Daddy.

I have given up on expecting my marriage with E to change.  For whatever reason he has for not engaging in certain aspects of marriage, I have given up trying to change his mind.  I have given up trying to talk to him to find out what issues are or are not.  I have given up being only one want to try any more.  So I have asked for the divorce to finally let him know I have given up on him.

I have given up trying to please everybody all off the time because as sure as hell I always upset someone.  Which makes me feel guilty.

I have given up trying to be someone I am not and embrace the person I want to be.  Okay I not ready to give up the right to privacy just yet and admit who I am to everyone.

Why don’t other try and look at those 40 pictures and see what you can come up or which picture makes you stop and think for 5 minutes.

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