Meeting: Daddy & I – Our Long Weekend

Daddy’s photographic skills made me look half decent.

I left Daddy last Sunday, coming back on the train in tears because I didn’t want to return to my home where E was and the rubbish that I had to deal with.

We hadn’t planned to met up so soon, but Daddy’s had changed his plans to allow us to have some time together, as he was busy for three weeks after this weekend.  I didn’t know about Daddy’s idea to change his plans, mind you I am not complaining at all.  Daddy wanted me to come over on Thursday, but because it was D’s 16th Birthday.  So we agreed I could go over on Friday and return on Monday as I had a two doctors appointment and Daddy had to return to up north.

This time it was me who was running late as I missed my train and had wait for another one.  Daddy met me on the platform and for the first 5-10 minutes all Daddy and I done was hug and kiss each other. We were causing quite a scene and were getting many comments for other commuters hehe but Daddy and I didn’t care one bit.  We walked through the station hand in hand.

There was a lot police in the station which made Daddy giggle as he know how bad my fetish is for men in uniform is.  The police were in the station because of the local racing meeting was on and also there was a parade of local troops through town; I missed because Daddy took me to his house BUMMER.  We wandered around town for a bit before heading to Daddy’s house.

The start of meeting was different from our last one as his house mates were away on business, so instead of all the fun taking part in Daddy’s bedroom or sneaking moments when his housemates are not around.  Our first play session started in the kitchen when Daddy was meant to be making me a cup of coffee, but Daddy had a different idea of what I should be drinking instead of coffee ;-p.  Right there in his kitchen we had a major play session to make up for the 5 days we had been apart.

Majority of our play session revolved around the downstairs areas on Friday and Saturday morning. ;-p  We had loads of fun and a mini fashion show for which Daddy took loads of pictures off.

A change from our last meeting, we had behave “vanilla” for extended periods of time, this was due to Daddy’s one of his step-daughters came around for a visit and we also helped his housemates with some tasks that they required so additional help with some tasks.  Lastly I want to complete a couple of things for Daddy as well.  Which meant this long weekend was not just about play sessions but actually more about real-life.

Even though this weekend require less kink it didn’t mean we didn’t fit it in hehe ;-p.

Photos Taken:- 532

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