Meeting: Daddy & I Met For The First Time

How Daddy made my bum look after a good skelping YUM

Finally, Daddy and I decided to met on Friday.  We decided that I should travel to him as E still hasn’t fully moved out yet and plus the with the kids I wouldn’t make a our met possible at my house.  So I was thankful when Daddy suggested I travel to his location.

I brought our meeting as Daddy had a fetish/dream of having sex with a women who was her period. So when I started I brought our meeting forward by a few days to allow his dream/fetish could be met.

As with Sir, Daddy had specific choice that he wanted me to wear; although I must admit I chose which top I wore, for our meeting he wanted me to wear a skirt, hair down and no heels as Daddy is close to my height.  We meet at the train station, although due to the weather conditions Daddy was running late, so I waited outside the station having a smoke until he turned up.

When Daddy finally I arrived I got the biggest hug and ever, which what I wanted the most for our meeting.  Then we headed to his house, where I meet his two house mates; C & M, and their dog; S.  C & M must have agreed before hand with Daddy to go out for the afternoon, which I was secretly pleased with as I didn’t want an audience when we getting to know each other a bit better ;-P.

We didn’t plan spend more than the day together but Daddy tempted me not only to spend the Friday night, but also Saturday night honey.

During the weekend we did a lot of firsts:

  • Daddy had sex with a women on her period
  • I had full anal sex, so no longer anal virgin
  • I was fisted vaginally when sober
  • I squirted when orgasm and numerous times
  • Daddy came numerous times for me giving a blow job, actually he had multiple orgasms during each blowjob.

Throughout the weekend Daddy took loads of pictures; one of which is posted above, also Daddy gave me something else I had been looking for in a long time someone snuggling up with someone on sofa.  Having someone who wanted to spend time with me, even out with sex.  <GROAN> I have been wanting that for so so long neither E or Sir couldn’t give me that, so Daddy gave me more than any man has in last 5-6 years.

Also the fact that Daddy held my hand going around to his local shop, even when he was at the shop he pinched & groped my bum.  Made me feel very special throughout that weekend and to be honest it has left me wanting me more.

Photos Taken:- 129

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