Reblog: The Profound Submissives

I was surfing and looking at the numerous sites that I have found which I use for research purposes, also know they will offer advice if I ask.  {Can’t find the original posting} As this is a straight copy and past any comments I make on this page will be in purple and original blog will be in standard black.

While mindless looking through a sites blogging forum I found this little gem, the orginal was in response of how a Dom/Domme would know in real-life if a person they met was a submissive:

The ways in which I spot a profound submissive who is not aware of what she is yet:

  • She is very sensitive to my moods, body language, and tone of voice. She is very sensitive to criticism.
  • She has a child-like presence.
  • She is eager to please me and eager to follow my suggestions.
  • She is sexually aroused/fascinated by my dominant presence.
  • She turns to me as an authority/advisor when she has personal questions.
  • She says something’s been missing in all her previous relationships.
  • She finds herself becoming anxious coping with everyday life on her own.
  • She says she feels as if she’s putting on a mask or role as an adult, an employee, a boss, a parent.
  • She’s a nurturer, often being a customer service agent, a nurse, a caregiver of some kind.
  • She takes on guilt that doesn’t belong to her; she tries to fix everyone’s problems.
  • She feels that often people are able to take advantage of her giving nature.
  • She admits to having put up powerful emotional barriers because people can hurt her so easily.
  • She finds it generally hard to trust people, but paradoxically wants very badly to trust me. Conversely, she may be much too trusting in a child-like way and keeps getting hurt.
  • She has always felt oddly out of place and “different” from others. She may even feel there is something wrong with her.
  • From a young age she has found pleasure in serving others; being a good hostess, doing as she’s told, remembering everyones’ birthdays, being everyone’s shoulder to cry on and everyone’s helpmate.
  • She finds it difficult to resist authority or aggressive behaviour; she may have been picked on by bullies all her life.

Obviously, not all submissives have all of these traits, but if she shows a majority of them then it’s likely she is a profound submissive.

Wishes WordPress allowed you to tick things as this top section I can see my personally traits and my lifestyle in nearly all of what the original Dom’s post.

As to the needs; below, I can say wholeheartedly that what is stated is what I am looking and need from any Dominant/Daddy.

The Profound Submissives needs…….

  1. The need to feel intimidated by and completely overwhelmed and overpowered.
  2. The need to feel that he is in control over you at all times and that you are possessed.
  3. The need to know that you are owned completely–meaning mentally, physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, internally, and existentially.
  4. The need to know that he is physically, mentally, and emotionally strong enough to handle you in every way, no matter what you throw at him.
  5. The need to feel his soft touch at times, and hard, rough or firm touch at other times.
  6. The need to know you are completely protected, accepted, loved, and cared for.
  7. The need to know his expectations, wants, needs , thoughts and feelings also.
  8. The need to know you have no decisions, no control, and no way out, permanently.
  9. The need to be reprogrammed for the better–not to change your personality, but to better you for yourself and for him.
  10. The need to feel the forcefulness, roughness, aggressiveness, pushiness, and coercion from him.
  11. The need for consistent and rational discipline, and clear boundaries for behaviour.
  12. The need to give blanket consent to him, placing your trust in him completely and knowing that he will never abuse his power over you in any way.
  13. The need to feel his gentle side also to love you, caress you, show affection, be your best friend, your lover, have fun with and laugh with you.
  14. The need to know he is happy with you, proud of you, and proud to be with you.
  15. The need to learn from him new skills and education that will help you succeed in life to a greater degree, and to be better for him and serve him better.
  16. The need to know he can make you stop dead in your tracks just by his look, tone, voice and gestures.
  17. The need to know that he will never let you go, and that if you attempt to leave he will hunt you down and recapture you mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  18. The need to be brought to tears by your him, and to be allowed to safely cry in his arms.
  19. The need to know that you are neither required nor permitted to dominate yourself, and that he will provide all of the force and coercion required to maintain his control over you.
  20. The need to know that he will never lie to you, nor ever hide his feelings and thoughts from you.
  21. The need to be consistently praised and given positive reinforcement, but never in a pandering way.
  22. The need to know that your service pleases him enormously and fulfills him sexually, emotionally and spiritually.
  23. The need for him to also be like your Father, who loves you for you, and not for himself.
  24. The need to feel tiny and safe at his feet.
  25. The need to know that he is in control of your relationship, and that there is nothing you can do to successfully sabotage it or cause it to end.
  26. The need to know he is not afraid of your emotional outbursts, that your consent is irrelevant, and that he does not limit what he tells you to do to things he already knows you want to do.
  27. The need to have his support and encourage all your goals and enthusiasms when they are appropriate.
  28. The need to know that he will do whatever he wants to you, but that he always has your long-term wellbeing in mind.
  29. The need to know that you will never have to edit what you honestly need to say to him in order to make it sound more acceptable to him, and that you will never be reprimanded nor punished for any honest expression of any of your thoughts or emotions.
  30. The need to be seen and seen through constantly by him, knowing you are transparent to him and that he will never allow you to hide from him.
  31. The need to feel that he has the power to destroy you, but trust that he will not.
  32. The need to know that you are more than just a checklist of generic submissive traits and are not interchangeable with any other submissive, that you are unique in his eyes and that you give him something he needs that no one else is capable of giving him

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