Story:Dream For Sir

Hmmm they look so cute and I don’t like tights

Dream for Sir

I ask you to take me for a drive in your car, like the last time we give each other little touches, as ordered, my skirt is hitched up, exposing stocking tops and suspenders.  We get a little bolder as the traffic begins to thin out.  Through your trousers, I can feel how turned on you have become.  You pull in to a quiet lay-by and before you have parked the car fully, I have unzipped your pants and take your hard cock in my mouth, taking you deep as I can, I feel you getting even harder and bigger.  As lovely as your car is it doesn’t allow for anything more than a cramped and in elegant technique.  You order me out of the car.  I walk around its bonnet to your side of the car; kneeling before you I take you member in my mouth again.  With my head bobbing up and down and as far back as I can take, congratulating myself on my gag reflex exercises, I begin to vary my method my tongue flicking and licking your head, as I can feel and taste how close you are to coming.

You order “Stop” and point to the car’s bonnet and say “Face and bend toy”.

You come up behind me lifting my skirt exposing my bare arse, which you give 5 sharp hard slaps as you force my legs more apart. Your fingers reach and start to rub around my inner lips as you slap my arse some more.  My hips start to wiggle slightly as they try to follow the path which your fingers are taking. With a harder slap, you command “Be still slut” and with a deep groan I reply “Yes Sir”.  Your fingers dance around and over the top of my clit and pull at my hood piercing. I can feel how wet I am becoming making me want you so much more, and for what feels like forever, I look back at you “Please Sir fuck your toy like the slut she is, fuck her hard and deep cause she is just your fuck toy, please fuck her and make your toy scream”.  Thoughts are racing through my head “Will I get punished even more for speaking?”, “Will I get what I need”, “Will Sir stop?”  “Will Sir be annoyed with me” these thoughts are because I am not sure that Sir allows me to speak to him in this way.  But you just grin and with one swift movement your cock is rammed deep inside of my wet hole.  I take a short step forward and gasp. I hear you ask “Is this what you want slut?”  Through my groans of delight and pleasure I reply “God! yes Sir, this is what your fuck toy wants”.

You reach forward tugging at my top’s neckline pulling it toward you exposing my bra and seamless stainless steel collar, without a pause, you roughly strip me of my bra tugging it a few times exposing my breasts with their hard nipples.  You grab them in your hands and begin to play with them, tugging, nipping and teasing them as you know how much it turns me on, and how much wetter I will become.  With that you whisper “Remember toy, you will not come without permission” and through my groans I mutter a reply “Yes Sir, toy understands”

Your hips are banging me so hard that the car is rocking with your rhythm.  My hips begin to move to meet your thrusts; I fully expect more slaps for disobeying you, but my desires, wants and needs mean I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

Before long the pressure and the need to cum is getting to great, I ask you “Please Sir, allow your toy to cum, she is so close, please god let her cum” you reply “Not yet toy”.

I start to recite the times table, digging my nails into my hands to try and stop my body taking me over that forbidden edge, but with every thrust from your hard cock or every nip, grip and squeeze of my breasts it becomes ever harder not to cum.

Over all that I hear a distant but constant ringing which becomes louder and louder and will not shut up, I reach out and turn off the damn alarm clock with my thoughts filled with loads of swear words and debating on whether or not to kill the stupid alarm clock interrupting my dream again.  I pull back the duvet and start my day very turned on and wondering will I ever get to find out how that dream ends?

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