Story: Ideal Date

What girl doesn’t love shoes and these are so cute.


C tilted her head back to try and look underneath her blindfold as she felt the silk scarf tighten around her wrist and her arm being raised for the other end of the scarf to be secured in place. Silence filled the room, except for the pounding in her heart, as P slowly walked in front of her to tie a knot around her other wrist. She stood there trembling, feeling the silk pull tightly over her flesh. The anticipation washing over her as she drank in the air to fill her lungs as the smell of his after shave filled her nostrils sending a tingle down her spine, raising every small hair on its journey. Her other arm was raised roughly and the scarf secured.

C stood helplessly, arms stretched out from her body, robbed of her sight. Tethered. She could sense P’s lips close to hers, feel his breath on her flushed face and feel the passage of his fingertips as they hovered over her arms, avoiding contact with her skin, yet close enough to touch the hairs and send an electric pulse coursing through her veins. She felt his cheek touch hers, his mouth moving closer to her ear and his fingertips run through her hair.

She was desperate to move, desperate to respond to his touches and desperate to feel more than a light touch. Her heart pounded, her mind raced as she felt a burning deep inside, craving a real touch, craving release. The pleasurable agony intensified by the fact that she already knew she would have to wait, suffer denial beyond the point of begging before he allowed her to feel ecstasy!

P knew how to play her, how to create, feed and build her desire. How to make her feel desperate, yet at the same time want to last in that moment for an eternity to ensure the release, when it finally came was worth every second of the tease. He moved behind her. A slowness to his movement, careful and deliberate steps, each light touch on her skin or hair so carefully controlled, designed to leave her in no doubt who was in charge. Designed to ensure she knew he was in no rush, that he could take his time and deliver what she craved.

P knew the art of control and domination. He knew it was about more than giving orders and expecting a response. He knew it started and ended in the mind, the physical aspect was merely the stage to act out the play! He knew what she wanted and expected. He knew that C’s submission depended on his actions to create her desire, to hold it and skilfully manage it. He knew he needed the confidence to realise where the true control really lies!

He stood behind her, close enough for her to feel the heat from his toned naked body. The odd touch of his chest or thigh against her let her feel the power in his muscles and feel the tension rising, allowing her to feed from his adrenaline rush. He felt the buzz of his position. He knew so many men wanted C, just to have her, just to fuck her was a craving in itself, but to take the control from her and have her so reliant on him was a step further, a step beyond what he ever thought possible! Gently he scooped her hair back off her shoulders, pulling it into a ponytail, knowing the lightness of his touch would frustrate, knowing she wanted a firm frantic touch. But he wasn’t prepared to give her that while it was still a want, he knew that would have to wait until want became a need burning in her core and spreading throughout her entire body and mind.

He wound her hair around his clenched fingers, pulling hard enough to give her a sense of what was in store, but not yet hard enough to give her what she craved. Her head held firmly in place, C felt heightened helplessness, unable to move away from the agonising tingle and tickle caused as he ran the tip of his tongue along the nape of her neck, tracing her hairline round to her ear. He blew softly in her ear, letting her feel his breath, feel his lips on her lobe before a light bite from his teeth.

“You’re on cam.” he whispered. The words having as big an effect on her arousal as the physical touch. C’s mind raced, sprang into life thinking how a chat room full were watching her. Feasting their eyes on her. She imagined all the guys stroking their hard cocks, knowing the effect her soft moans and near naked body would have. She imagined the girl’s moist pussies as they watched, wanting to be where she was right now! The thoughts swimming in her flooded mind made her nipples harden even more. She felt them push against the fabric of her tightly fitted thin pink vest top, she felt the stares from the room on the curves of her pert breasts, a thought that excited her even more. She felt a desperate yearning to look at their cams, see the effect she had, and to feel the effect they would have on her, yet at the same time she revelled in the sight depravation, forcing her to rely on her mind to feed her lust and longing.

P sucked her earlobe, more gently than she wanted, but he knew that. His hands grazed down the sides of her body, touching her gently over her top before skirting lightly over the skin of her flat stomach showing in the gap between the hem of her top and her panties. Her stomach flickered in and out as a thousand butterflies raced from deep within her, fluttering their wings on her belly desperate to get out. C let out a long breathless sigh as P laughed, seeing the response that had had on her audience.

His hands moved back up her body, she tried to twist and turn, to make sure they brushed over her hard nipples, needing a touch to release the pressure and throbbing pleasure building within them. As she rocked her body trying to predict the path his hands would take, P quickly and unexpectedly grabbed her body, pulling her sharply and firmly back towards him. Holding her tight. The speed and roughness of his response made her catch her breath and made her realise he wasn’t about to give in and pander to her needs. She realised she would have to fight for her release. For the first time, she knew she wasn’t in control, and fuck, she loved that feeling!

As P held her close, his teeth sank into her neck, settled, then pressed again, scooping her flesh into his bite, hard enough to make her scream, but not too hard as to not make her want to push his dominance again. She wasn’t going to give into him, she wasn’t going to hand control on a plate – If he wanted it, he would have to earn it, and gently pull that control from her. He held her long enough for her to realise he was prepared to be more patient than she could be. Releasing her from his arms wrapped tightly around her, he placed his fingers against the side of her chin and guided her head sideways, bringing her lips closer to his.

“Kiss me!” she whispered, wanting to feel his lips press firmly against hers. She could feel him move closer, but stop agonisingly short. His hand wrapped tightly in her hair, pulling at her head to stop her completing the last few millimetres to get the kiss she needed to release something, anything that was building inside her.

“Try again.” He said softly – a slight quiver in his voice, but nothing she could pick up on to suggest he was losing control and allowing his desire for her to give the initiative back to her. C paused, not wanting to cave in, but realising her mental and physical state gave her no alternative. “Kiss me?” her words the same, but the emphasis and tone turned them from an order into a question laced with desperation. P moved his head back as C let out a sigh of frustration, teetering on the edge of what she could take. Just as she thought she had lost the moment, when she though the pleasure of frustration was turning into the unpleasant world of humiliation, P pushed her head forcibly forwards, meeting her lips with his. Pressing hard against her, their mutual desires and needs momentarily catered for. Their mouths moving in unison as they both sighed into the kiss. A long deep, hard kiss. Their tongues meeting and melting together – duelling, battling yet caressing and caring. C sucked on his tongue, prolonging the kiss as he pulled back, taking her bottom lip, biting harder as he pulled back, keeping it in his grasp as long as he could. Long enough for the pain to turn to delight, for it to feed the ache inside and build on her unquenchable thirst for him.

P undid the knot on the silk scarf around her head, slowly pulling it away, allowing the silk to drag gently across her shoulder. Giving her back her vision, adding another sense fed her desire and fuelled her fire. She looked down at the computer screen, first at the image of own cam, seeing what others saw – her body in a state of teasing undress, her firm nipples prominent through her top, her helplessness highlighted. Her eyed then flicked across other cams, sighing deeply as she watched hard cocks that had given her so much pleasure in the past being stroked with an increased and renewed desire. Finally, she turned to look at P. Their eyes locked, seeing the desire they both held. She bit her bottom lip as her gaze wandered over his body. His broad shoulders caught perfectly in the light, and his firm chest flickering from his pounding heart within. He grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her towards him, his other hand on her cheek, guiding her lips to his for another deep tongue laden kiss. A kiss charged with electricity, momentarily giving them both a glimpse of pleasure and fulfilment against the over riding backdrop of denial and want!

P slipped his hands underneath the thin shoulder straps of her vest top and slowly raised them, pulling them upwards, the bottom hem riding slowly up her body. The soft tingle on her skin as the fabric passed over it, the graze against her hard sensitive nipples alone was enough to make her sigh and stamp her foot on the floor to release the building feelings inside. She watched the image of herself being broadcast in the room, watching what everyone else saw. Feeling that heady mix where voyeurism and exhibitionism meet! Watching herself from the position of an outsider, yet being there, feeling everything and anything she ever wanted to feel.

Her breathless moan, her loud whispered sigh building in volume and feeling as the hem of her top reached higher up her body. As the neck passed up over her head, blocking her view of the screen, she closed her eyes, and in her mind saw what every guy wanking their hard cock over her saw. The hem rising, revealing the bottom curve of her breast, revealing her hard swollen dark nipples and the final soft curve as her breasts melted into her chest. The physical feeling of the cool air on her hot flesh mingled with the mental thrill of being exposed and watched on cam. She wanted like she had never wanted before, and felt that beautiful agony of not being in control of when, how, and even if, she would experience the release she craved so much.

As P pulled her top over her head he stood closer behind her, pressing his body against hers, his arms reaching out sideways pressed against hers. His fingers lightly toyed with hers. The surface area of skin upon skin maximised, the heat of their bodies creating a fire in their desire. C tried to push her hips back, trying to push her ass against P, to feel his hard cock on her body. P pulled back, not giving into her desires. His hand crashed down onto her ass sending a splintered sting racing through her body, the surprise making her jump, making her want even more. P stood behind her, carefully, deliberately stroking a long soft feather down her spine. From the nape of her neck, slowly down, allowing her body to tremble and shiver underneath its gentleness. Right down agonisingly slowly to the small of her back and down between her clenched ass cheeks. Her pleasure building with each inch it passed, with each nerve it touched, with each pleasure zone on her burning flickering skin. A he circled the feather round her buttocks C let go a long helpless desperate “oh god!” the breath forced out of her body from deep inside. She braced herself for the feather’s slow almost agonising journey back up her spine as she wriggled against its touch, wanting so much to break free from her restraints and feel a proper touch, yet at the same melting into the moment that she couldn’t!

P passed the feather round her neck, tickling it over her lips and then allowing the tip to caress down between her breasts and along the bottom curve of each breast in turn before circling her nipples. C struggled and writhed in a desperate effort to feel the soft warmth of the feather against her hard throbbing nipples. In his other hand, P flicked the cat-o-nine tails over her shoulder, the harsh leather tendrils flicking against the top of her breast. She tried to hold back a pleasure scream as her mind coped with the dual feeling. The soft warmth of the feather contrasting with the harsh sting of the thin leather straps she felt crash down on each breast in turn. Burning, stinging before the feather healed the pain and breathed a softness back into her existence.

Each flick of his wrist getting harder, more severe, pushing her limits, raising the oh so pleasurable pain she felt as the cat-o-nine-tails crashed onto her breasts, little red marks left for the viewers to feel what she felt. The odd crash against her nipples offering relief, yet at the same time, just a teasing glimpse of the severity she needed to feel. As his use of the leather became harder, so his use of the feather became lighter, increasing the contrast of feeling, increasing her lust and need to be fucked. P fought against every urge he had to just grab her head, push her forward and take her, fuck her roughly. He so wanted to, but knew he couldn’t give into his needs, or hers just yet. He wanted to push her further – despite his animal instincts to just fuck, he knew he couldn’t. Not yet. Not until she begged!

Blood rushed through her body to her breasts, each blood cell seemingly desperate to converge in the little criss-cross pattern of red blemishes on her breasts. C pushed her hips back to feel Paul’s throbbing cock, momentarily he allowed her, just to tease her with what lay in store as his cock pushed between her legs at the damp fabric of her panties. Before she had chance to revel in how that felt he pulled back, leaving her wanting.

P’s hands replaced the toys on her breasts. He cupped them firmly, pulling her body sharply back towards his. As he sank his lips and teeth onto her neck, his fingers closed tighter around her breasts, feeling her firm pert tits in his fingers as she moaned his name. His thumbs slowly moved over her breasts squeezing her nipples against his forefinger, pushing hard with his thumbs, at last relieving the ache building as he squeezed and pulling hands away, squeezed again, trapping her nipples, pulling them – a new pain added, but an old one quashed.

Each nipple hard and erect, itching, burning, throbbing. P pressed the loop of her nipple chains against each one, tightening the loop slowly and firmly, squeezing her nipples holding them firmly in their erect position. His lips and tongue trailing over her neck and shoulder – Always making sure the pleasure was not centred in just one part of her body, giving her more to think about than she could cope with. He hooked a long piece of thin rubber over the centre of the chain connected to her nipples and allowed it to hang down her body before he secured the ends to her favourite toy. The one she loved to feel deep in her pussy – the one that she loved to fuck herself with! The weight of the toy pulling down on the chain, tightening the loop around her nipples, pulling harder, creating one pain as it relieved the burning throb of another.

C looked at the computer screen, looking at herself, looking at the guys cams – turning her self on even more as she watched the hard cocks being stroked for her, listening to them moan and sigh, listening to them tell her how they wanted to fuck her. And right now, she was desperate for them too! She watched her own cam, saw her legs tremble as P ran his hands over her soft smooth thighs, skirting close to the hem of her panties. His hands passed teasingly close to her pussy before pulling on the waistband, pulling the material tight against her pussy, letting the watchers see the outline of her lips against the fabric, letting them see the wetness soaking into the material. He pulled the toy down, stretching the rubber, making it pull yet harder on her nipples. C screamed against the pain that brought relief to her ache, against the pleasure as she felt the vibrating tip pushing gradually harder onto her swollen clit through her panties. P pulled tighter on her waistband, forcing the material harder against her lips, which frantically quivered at the attention they were finally allowed to receive.

P pulled her panties to one side and slid the toy down between her lips, pausing, holding the tip at the entrance to her pussy. He kissed her, hard, passionately, as he slowly pushed the vibe inside her pussy. Feeding it to her slowly. Allowing her pussy to feel every fraction of an inch of its journey into her wet ache. The rubber stretching, pulling her nipples harder, tightening the loops grip around them. She moaned into the kiss, and gave a lingering bite on his lip to help her keep control. Both of them, like the rest of the chat room, watched her toy slowly being fed into her pussy, and slowly pulling out, releasing the pull on her nipples as it did, before easing back inside, squeezing and pulling on her nipples again. The pleasure floating over her body without one spot to focus on just pushed her desires and pleasure even further. Each thrust a little harder, a little deeper than the one before. Every time Paul fed her toy into her pussy C clenched her pussy, feeling the vibrations against the walls, maximising the pleasure. Each time he slid it out, she moaned, feeling the emptiness it left, feeling the release on her nipples as she watched the cam, seeing her juices coating the toy, watching the guys on cam wank harder faster and louder in response to seeing the toy fucking her pussy.

P pushed hard against her, his hard cock pushing between her ass cheeks as his rhythm and intensity with the vibe increased. Fucking her hard, fucking her deep. Giving her pussy the rough frantic attention it craved. Each time he pulled out, he pushed the vibe against her clit, giving it momentary pleasure, a pleasure slowly building, fading, and then building again. He pulled the toy from her pussy and pushed on the back of her head, bending her forwards. Her arms still in their tethered outstretched position put pressure on her lungs as she gasped for breath. P lifted the toy to her mouth. Greedily she licked at her own juices and sucked on the vibe, drowning her moan, as P ground against her. His hard cock sliding effortlessly deep inside her wet open willing pussy.

He held her still. His cock deep insider her. He allowed her to feel it twitch as she clamped her pussy around it, wanting to feel every vein, every ridge. With his cock buried deep, he ran his fingers over her clit, over her lips, feeling his cock inside her, feeling her juices on his fingers. He pushed harder against her, letting her feel as much of his cock as he could. His fingers adding to the feeling. His firmness buried deep contrasting with the light gentle touch on her sensitive lips. He traced his fingers down between her ass cheeks, slowly teasing, a finger circling her tight sensitive ass, pressing gently against her. C pushed herself back against him, pushing on his fingers, wanting them inside her, needing her ass to feel as full as her pussy. Wanting to give herself fully to him. Slowly, P pushed his wet fingers against her, breaking through the clench. C sighed as she released, relaxed and gave her ass to him. His cock buried deep inside her, twitching. One, then two fingers slowly slid out of her ass, and back in, a little deeper, easing her open, easing her into the pleasure. Finger fucking her ass, building up speed and depth of his fuck.

Slowly he pulled his cock out and slammed back hard against her, smashing his body against hers with a loud slap, forcing his cock ever deeper inside her, forcing his fingers deeper into her ass, spreading her, filling her. Pounding her, fucking her like she wanted and needed to be fucked. He took the vibe from her mouth and pulled it down towards her clit. Holding the tip of it against her as he rammed her pussy. Just as she felt an orgasm rising inside her and her moans increasing in desperation and volume, he pulled it away. Leaving her hanging helplessly on the edge.

She swam and sank in the feeling. Every pleasure zone activated. Her pussy and ass fucked, her clit teased and pressed and her hard nipples squeezed and pulled. She screamed and begged him to let her cum, but he played her perfectly, allowing the orgasm to grip, and then slide away before its true release. Shudder after shudder passed through her. So close. So fucking close! She fought inside herself, trying to push her orgasm out, but he wouldn’t let her. Almost, but not quite.

P undid the wrist restraints. Her legs trembling, unable to support herself, she collapsed forward onto the table, giving the cam the perfect view of Paul’s hard cock ramming, slamming into her pussy. C grabbed the end of the table, pushing herself back; meeting Paul’s every thrust full on. Making sure she felt the full effect of his cock slamming into her and the grind deep inside her. Feeling that ecstasy of a full fucked pussy and ass combination. P alternated his movements, to start with, sliding his fingers from her ass as he pushed his cock deep in her pussy and easing his fingers back in her tight ass as he pulled back with his cock. Then as her desperation, desire and lust grew, he pushed his fingers and cock into together, filling her. Pulling both out simultaneously, leaving that pleasure filled void she knew would be hammered again almost immediately, before the wave of pleasure had died. Each wave building on the last, taking her higher, closer to the pinnacle of pleasure.

C was helpless, stretched out over the table, unable to move – not wanting to move. Allowing P to control the fuck, letting him slowly release the build up of desire and need deep inside her. Her ass and pussy contracting round his cock and fingers. Loving their attention, needing their attention! As he fucked her, she looked at the cams, loving what a slut she looked, loving watching hard cock after hard cock cum hard for her as Paul clicked through the available cams. Teasing her with glimpses of those he knew she craved before clicking off them. Always making sure the vibe on her clit never quite allowed her full release. Making sure even while he was satisfying her every need, she still had that delicious feeling of frustration, that feeling of greed and wanting more!

She was desperate to cum, yet at the same time loved the fact that he kept denying her, knowing that with each wave, the orgasm was building. A rage waiting to sweep through her. This time as her breathing quickened, as her legs began to tremble, as her scream filled the room, P didn’t move the vibe. He pressed it harder against her clit. Her orgasm racing through her, desperate not to miss the window of opportunity! She screamed, struggling for breath as the overwhelming sensation crashed though her. Her pussy uncontrollably clenching, releasing, clenching and quivering around P’s hard fuck. Her ass holding his fingers tight and deep inside her. Her orgasm ripped through every pore, a fire raging inside.

The final spasm of her pussy pushed him over the edge. He pressed his firm body against hers, grabbed her hips tightly as he felt his cock twitch, a tingle careering through his body. He felt his balls tighten before the release. He screamed her name as he felt his cum flooding into her pussy. The violent twitches of his cock forcing against her tightly clenched pussy. The vibe still held hard against her clit, the feel of his hot cum and twitching cock giving her a second orgasm so soon after the first, its intensity taking her by surprise but pushing her over satisfactions edge. She trembled, losing all control, her knees giving way, her head buzzing, her pussy and ass a quivering source of delight. They were locked together, free-falling in pleasure. After waves racing over them, darting between them, fuelling and feeding from each other. His cock still deep inside her, he moved his hips in small circles making her tingle and shiver as his cock pressed against heightened nerves in her pussy.

As he slowly pulled away, allowing her to feel his cock leave a satisfied emptiness, and her ass to feel the pleasure as his fingers slid from inside her, she turned and sank to her knees. Her fingers running over his tight smooth balls. She looked up into his eyes as she wrapped her tongue around his shaft tasting their combined lust. Greedily she took his cock deeper into her mouth before standing and pulling him close. Their lips locked together, her tongue pushing into his mouth, his tongue licking over hers, sharing their combined taste, their combined lust, and every other feeling he always wanted her to feel! Everything he wanted was right there, all in that kiss!


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