How I Started Chatting With Daddy

Oh yes please!

I have been part of Fetlife for a number of months.  I joined after suggestion from a fellow blogger whom I following for a while.  I must admit it took him a while to talk me into signing up and finally to log in.  Mind you went I did log in I have never regretted it.

I have met many like minded people, people who accept me for who I am and not viewed as a freak like so many in my so called real life as I didn’t have that at all.

I met a good number of people on Fet and a load I consider friends and some I care deeply for.  In the beginning most of the people I was chatting were international contacts a large majority from the US.  As nice as all those on my friends are, I wanted to know people who are closer to me geographically, not met, but to chat and chance of friendship of people within BDSM I can chat over issues that we all find within in this lifestyle.  It wasn’t until I meet another user he asked me look for a local photographer it I first spot Daddy’s; I will call him this as it is part of his handle on Fet, profile.  Never actually sent him a message at the time, but I visited his profile about another 3 times, but still couldn’t get up the nerve to mail him.

It wasn’t until Daddy like/loved one of my pictures and like a good little sub I sent him a standard reply “Thank you for the like/love, I really appreciate it.” and to be honest I never really expected him to reply at all.

Not only did he replied, but he asked if we could continue to chat more <dances around the room> and there was the beginning of our long chats, firstly through Fet mail, then texts and personal email.

I discovered we had new friend in Daddy, although I hoped for more.

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